Thursday, November 24, 2016

New York Times on Standing Rock

Here is a link to the unprecedented U.S. top newspaper, the New York Times, stand for the Indigenous people's who are protecting Land, Water and Life against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock North Dakota.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Democratic Reform & a Pam Palmater Presentation

  The Canadian Government is now looking at a Democratic Reform. They are looking at changing our voting system as well as moving towards a cleaner energy sector. So leaders are seeking the public's opinion and idea's on these matters. We must get involved and add our individual as well as communal voices to the governing bodies to balance out the multitudes of paid lobbyists from corporate fat-cats.

  I myself am attending a Democratic Reform Potluck Dinner tonight which gives Edmontonians an opportunity to discuss democratic reform with each other as well as leaders. It's time for Indigenous Peoples to take back the power of self-determination through democratizing democracy! We have to be participants in world decision making. Because the alternative is exactly what we've been experiencing due to colonization, or shall I use the more recently used term "globalization", through
justifiable wars for Consumerism.

Originally published @ on Apr. 30, 2015
Pam Palmater Presentation to Standing Senate Committee on Nation Security and Defense
Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Truth About Cancer

   Register and watch this free and very important symposium on "The Truth About Cancer". Learn about the lies we've been told by those who profit from these killer diseases and the cures that have been suppressed. Plus, if you click on the link below, my odds to win cool prizes for joining and sharing this event myself go up!

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Blue Star... is AWAKE!

There is no need

To intro this video

It will speak on it's own

It shall speak

Into your hearts

So pay attention...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film

Thursday, September 22, 2016

All Life Matters

  The Earth is Our Mother

The time has come for us to put away petty wants and desires. We have to come together as one people to change the direction we are headed. For this path that we are on is not the intended path... we have lost our way. Yet the Creator calls us back onto the right path. It is up to us to heed the call.



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Land of Enfrackment

   Let's begin the move to clean energy and products. Educate yourself on the products we are using in our day to day lives and cut back on some... yet get rid of most! We can do without for a time until alternative and better products  are made available....0% waste, 0% burn!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Why Are Americans Still Paying Taxes to a Criminal Organization?!

  Just how long will citizens all across North America allow the U.S gov't get away with these crimes against humanity. How long will they keep their heads buried in the sand?! And for what? Their own comfort in the knowledge that they are gonna benefit from the lie that, "That's just the way it is"... Or do actually believe this little pile of... "Our gov't wouldn't do such a thing", thing?

   WAKE UP AMERICA! And Canadians as well. Our governments are working for Big oil and the Big banking system! It's time to claim what is ours... Our free will to think for ourselves and LOVE our neighbors.  I also ask military and police service people who's families are also in danger. Will you continue to serve those who are using you to enslave the masses?!

NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) and the Bush admin. MUST answer for crimes against the citizens of the United States and those who they went to war against!

{one of the most important videos you will see}...
6 Hard Facts Americans Forgot About 9/11 After Being Reminded Every Year to "Never Forget"

This planet belongs to everyone to share and love freely, each other... without fear.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Message For All Of Humanity

   I may have been raised disconnected from the Woodland Cree language and ancestral teachings which were stolen from my family so long ago. But the Spirit of a warrior yet runs through my veins. As does the Spirit of Love... and Forgiveness. I can forgive those who have inflicted great pain and hatred within my heart throughout this life. I can love again with the remembrance of who the Creator decreed me to be. For He did not give me a Spirit of forgetfulness.

   Although, this video is not of the Cree people, I am very grateful to my brothers and sisters of the Lakota. I have learned much on this journey from their teachings as well as the Cree. I have a long way to go though in my education before I go to be with them. Yet don't we all.

   I believe we all have much to learn from one another... each and every one of us. As well as from  all life on this planet, and from Mother Earth herself. Not to mention the ongoing Universal Creation itself. From which we all have been brought forth through the Spirit of the Father.

   So listen carefully my relatives. See, that which is so often overlooked. Hold dear to humility, open your hearts to Truth and remember... we are all affected by each others pains and sufferings. But most importantly, don't forget that we are also able to transcend such things...  by each others Love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Hurt, We All Hurt

   My story behind the Fort McMurray fires is not one of pleasantry or goodness. My story was one of pain, mistrust and disappointment. I am Indigenous to these lands and at the time, the Ft. McMurray  story led me down a path of darkness in the form of jealousy and anger. I was tired of seeing that story in the news and people asking donations for them.
   In my heart I knew I should not be feeling this way. I knew I should have compassion for those people. A friend of mine even asked because of the work I do, that I should volunteer at Northlands where many of the McMurray refugees were housed for a time... I refused.
   The problems that overshadowed my mind was that of my own people. So often we've heard the blurbs and news snippets of "state of emergencies" on reserves. It was only with Attawapiskat that news crews stuck around long enough for the people in that tragic situation.  Until they requested that the crews leave. Yet all that they asked was for a youth recreation center, to which they received.
    But that was only a band-aid solution to a much larger, intrinsic and systematic problem. I could go on about this but let's get back to my main point.
   The point is the Ft. McMurray propaganda machine was in full force. One of the richest cities in our county was begging for money! In my mind... What happened to all of their money? These majority of wealthy people (in my mind remember). Are now continuously in the news. People all over the world especially Alberta are flocking to their aid yet my people continue to suffer.
   My heart turned cold, my heart turned to stone. And "THAT" was the hardest part to endure through all of this. I began to despise myself for such feelings. Oh, not at first mind you. At first I reveled in my self-righteous indignation. I hated Ft. Mac., I hated the news and I hated the white-man.
   I know there were many who didn't have the savings or the insurance and resources to start over. But I didn't see them... I only saw the suffering of my people. I saw their moldy, dilapidated homes. I saw their resources being systematically stripped away from them without ANYONE batting an eye.
   Yet beyond that, I saw my own pain. My own suffering and desire for retribution in every feed on social media, the news and every sympathetic conversation in my city. And it was from those misguided feelings I found, myself. I found my true ugliness to which I needed to repent of.
   Forgiveness is a powerful tool to combat the evil that quietly lies deep within us all, as well as in this reality or realm outside heavens gate.
   So now I pray for them, I wish only blessings upon all who were adversely affected by the fires.
    I use the phrase "adversely affected" for one reason. And that is the fact that fire, although destructive, even to the point of utterly devastating. Can and does bring life. Fire cleanses, fire renews... and fires weeds out much of what is undesired much faster than any other method throughout nature.
   Unfortunately, some people were recorded commenting to the fact that Ft. Mac. only reaped what they've sown. that Fort McMurray deserved what they got because of the destructiveness of the Tar Sands upon the environment and even upon the Indigenous peoples. But I don't buy that. That fire revealed something within myself, and within all of us that needed to be cleansed as well.
   So in the aftermath of all the hype, generosities and kindness... as well as resentments and pain. I hope we all got something out of it. Besides the stories and materiel replacements. I hope we all gained... a little more hope.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm Ready

  This is my new favorite fight song. Give a listen... if you dare. Muahahaha!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

i want to speak cree

Monday, July 25, 2016

Destroy // AMMO Worth Dying For

Friday, June 24, 2016

To Hell... Yet on My Way Back

   Hi folks, It's been some time since I've written and for various reasons. One of the most prominent of them is that for a while there I lost hope as you may have already read or heard from me someplace online or another. I gave up hope from all the activist research I've been doing. To find out the sheer scope of all the bullshit out there and how so many are either oblivious to it, or just don't care because they are to caught up with their own materialistic lives just became too overwhelming.

   Yet don't bill me too misguided. I also realize that there are a great deal who do care and work very hard to rectify and educate others to this dilemma we face as residents to such a diverse and wondrous planet.  Also, it took my going to the very edge to realize the support system that is in place for me and how many great friends I truly have. Yet on the other hand... I've also been losing touch with my children and grandson to some degree.

   This I believe, as I've mentioned, was written to many of you earlier here on my blog as well as other media venues. But since getting over myself and that situation, another shitty shambles came to bear upon my grasp of insanity. Insanity would be the appropriate word I'm looking for here because I would never dare to claim a sane state for this reality to which we all are imprisoned, if only for but a short time. Thankfully and by God's grace, that situation has been only temporary. I plan to see my daughter and her family in the coming week. I also have decided to have another go at rehab.

   Yes, I've relapsed. And not with my usual love of cocaine or crack, but with crystal meth. which is sort of an overlap from the first predicament. I thought after I was able to grasp the beauty of this world and the Father once again that stopping the use wouldn't be far behind. but now it's been four months of mardi-gras'.  And So I've decided to re-check myself in after 10 years. This time It's gonna have a foundation in Indigenous teachings to which I will seek refuge from all the hub-bub and attempt to find my place in sobriety as well as stability once again.

   Six times I've relapse since my short stint in the Anchorage program at the Salvation Army institution of religious bullshit to which they gave me the boot after six weeks. About half the required time to graduate their program a decade ago. Ya, they cited I was too difficult to work with after refusing to be followed to the bathroom in a church. Why would I use in a church after enjoying a weekend pass? Well regardless of that, I remained true to my renewed faith in the Creator and stayed sober until about three and a half months of bible college over a year later.

   Anyway, and back on topic, I've been having problems with some employees at the supportive living building to which I moved into. Some who've I've known prior to moving in and who have called me friend. turned out not to really be my friends at all. I've discovered I'm just another client to them. and the lies keep mounting within that realm of systematic, ass covering lemmings. Yet then again... I love it when people underestimate my intelligence. It only serves to reveal their own ignorance to the truth and those who seek it. You see due to my relapse, I believe I've stumbled upon something fishy going on with some staff members and possibly a few of the residents.

   They are trying to convince me that what I seem to suspect is all in my head because of the drug use and to some degree, at first I swallowed it. But too many tangibles have, and are adding up to cause me to believe otherwise. Things that have brought forth substantial evidence. The thing is, is to track down that evidence. And I currently have eyes and ears on the streets doing just that. However, that may prove harder to do than it may seem. For much, other than a couple pieces to that evidence, is reliant upon peoples testimonies to this situation, and few are talking. It would take a real investigation to bring out that truth. So again, I would have to get my hands on that of which I spoke earlier. And don't go believing I'm giving away to much info here, this would already be known by my adversaries. Then again, perhaps I am crazy...

   But I really don't  think so. You see, I've been subjected to a corporate cover-up once before in my life with a company I used to work for. So it with first-hand knowledge to what businesses will do to protect the status quo. And I just want to say that I believe because of my refusal to back down, they may now have reversed their policy of a rights violation in order to ensure client safety. Which is infinitely more important than any recompense I may be seeking for myself. For this is about personal rights, rights endowed to all of God's creature's, strong or weak.

   And this is good news because it gives me cause to relax a little more and stop worrying about some threats I was receiving to my well being. I mean, I would have hated to seriously hurt someone in self-defense, or die before finishing my book...

   Oh don't even ask, I don't know when I'll get around to typing that impending "The End" to my masterpiece of a lifetime's journey. It is my wish that I enjoyed that stability now, but I don't. I'm still that little irresponsible imp I have always been since childhood, lol. I'm just updating you folks on my situation and that roller-coaster of which I usually get a kick out of. But I find myself getting too old to play the game anymore of catch and release in regards to life.

   I will never stop fighting for the little guy though. I have nothing else in this world to which is worthy of my sweat and tears at the moment. Nor do I believe there ever will be until I find a nice, curvy, sugga mamma to keep me warm at nights, lol.

   Don't worry folks, I'm just kidding... Even a sugga mamma couldn't replace this warrior's heart for the fight. HAHAHAHA!

    In the meantime, here are some articles that may shed some light on to some of the concerns to which plague this old man's noggin. And go ahead, cry "conspiracy theorist" or "paranoid nut-job". yet you must understand. I've resolved myself to given up seeking anything of this world for myself in order to serve my King Jesus. It is my hope that He may bestow to me in some small measure... the wisdom to follow a path to which may endow me with some portion of truth. And Even though there are those who may call me crazy. It is those I believe who prefer to hide from said truth. If only to hold on to the fallacy of what they may call... reality.


(The Rothchild's and the Central banking System)
 (Lady Diana and the British elite)
(Chem-trails and Geo-engineering)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Heritage Minutes: Chanie Wenjack

Monday, April 18, 2016

Breaking the Law to Feed the Homeless

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Only To Die

A portion of the world lies dead
Yet they're truly not recognized
And where too, I laid my head 
That there's where, I came realize

And when I opened my eyes
Or as my eyes were opened
I met the truth...
And in so died 

Yet it is through “that” death
I found a high purpose
It is in that place
I was able to surface

I fight not for self
But I speak for children
I fight not for the seen
But for that...
Which is yet to be seen

I fight also for you 
My beloved relative 
So that one day you too
May awaken and live
Only to die...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

no Hope with the Seed

 Here is a letter I've been putting out there in response to some ridiculous behavior that I am coming to my wits end in having to witness time and time again. It also includes the my efforts to stop the Calgary office from destroying my city with their version of the Mustard Seed here in Edmonton. It was fine until a new manager took over from Calgary. you may also refer to my post, "What's up at the Seed?!"
In Regards to a petition I started for a greatly loved woman who was fired after 18 years of dedicated service to the homeless....

   There aren't very many signatures, this was just the online signatures to which I did not promote too well. we had over 250 signatures of the street people for Maria but the woman who was in charge of that list lost them through her living arrangements. But that doesn't matter. I will not stop campaigning against the Mustard Seed until Mario and Paule Thorne no longer subject the street people to their power trips. There are more stories that I have collected since this started so hold on for a long and bumpy ride!

   I have been banned for life from the Mustard Seed because I refuse to say that they are valuable to me. As a Christian I hold nothing in this world of value. only my Lord Jesus and the kingdom of heaven is valuable. But according to Mario the Manager and volunteer coordinator Paul Thorne, I will never be allowed in their building until I verbally state that they are valuable to me. Which will never happen. (See fb page Reinstate Maria for backstory)...
   To the Hope Mission: I am writing to let you know that I am very disappointed with your staff and their behavior and attitude when it comes to those they profess to serve. I walked into the supper service and reported a man in distress on the corner of 97 street and 106th. avenue. I reported this information to Nathan and Megan who were standing at the front door engaged in witty banter with each other. Unfortunately Nathan was completely dismissive and told me to call 211 myself. (The Hope mission has a street van for exactly this purpose). I told him I didn't have a phone, otherwise I would have called myself.
   Megan then tried to pretend that she was concerned and asked where exactly this man was. Then upon my departure from these two, it was obvious they were not going to call as Nathan just smiled and laughed under his breath as I was walking away. I also noticed that they were not making any calls so I went to another staff member to explain the situation. This is when I noticed Megan and Nathan take notice of what I was doing. That is when I heard Megan's voice come over the radio bringing to attention this poor fellow left to sit in his own excrement on the side of the road.
   Now your staff flirting around with each other, rather than doing their jobs is none of my concern. What is my concern is the fact that they don't give a shit about my people who are victims of a colonialist attitude that has driven and kept my people in the gutters time and time again. That also goes for another incident which I indent to leave for a story that I am working on. I don't care about any response because I don't expect any from your so called hope mission that only pretends to care as long as you get subsidies from the government. I'm just letting you know to expect stories coming out from a dirty low-life indian writer by the name of, well me.
   It doesn't help with organizations like the Hope Mission and the Mustard Seed of Edmonton who take's everyone's money and does the very least amount to help the homeless while abusing them and feeding them substandard food (the Hope Mission, not the Seed in regards to food) and treating them like second class humans. Trust me, That's how they treat me.

   Oh ya, and the Hope Mission also keeps employed there a fellow by the name of Edin Viso, a racially insensitive prick who laughs at indigenous issues. I've created a fb page dedicated mostly to this native hating white supremist... (Ban Cohen Corner Cafe)

johnny lee

Added comments....................

Anonomous(from facebook) Why do people have such hatred and no respect for other humans these days.Like really some people ought to be acting like Christians rather than faking it since hope mission people are supposed to have a church service. I think Maria should be in charge of the seed too because at least she understood the needs and concerns of people. I don't like how they keep on firing staff just for getting to know people, that's part of their job as street level workers. No one should be treated as second class humans no matter what race they are and no matter how poor they are it isn't right. I will be praying for you and your campaign. I also want you to know that you are not a dirty Indian.. You are a first nations person and you have meaning in other people's lives no matter what the mustard seed staff or anyone else says. The creator sees all and he knows all. He loves you as you are.

An un-named friend in response to this.....
Hi man, 
Yeah that really sucks. That should not happen and I also see 'poser' Christians working around inner-city. 
It is tough for me to love them. I pray that your anger stays righteous, and keeps you going, and that you draw closer to the good Father. He will bring justice. Now and in the future. 
I will try and give you a call tomorrow. Have a good Easter brother!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

P.O.D. - Tell Me Why

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Casting Crowns - Slow Fade

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Truth and Reconciliation is NOT a Place for Profit

   Why are there so many people and organizations profiting from Truth and Reconciliation? Like the University of Alberta and Life Skills Journey Program in Edmonton?

   I've been talking to people who have been, are going down this road and see the same thing happening in other countries. Truth and Reconciliation has become a big money making joke. Nothing really changes unless we demand it and do it in a way that those who have been doing the oppressing... PAY! Such as the educational system. NOT THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ON THE RECEIVING END OF OPPRESSION!

  I've gotten a response to this posting by a facilitator and they tried to tell me that the money was going to pay for the room and the panelists in the workshop. Two of which were Indigenous. Well let me see, $125 + GST. per person. JUST HOW MUCH DOES THIS DAMN ROOM COST!

  And as an educational institution which has been part of the historical cover up concerning indigenous histories. They could provide the darn room for free as the least they could do now that the truth is coming out concerning their perceived ignorance regarding the residential school system and genocide of my people's... Higher learning my ass. And if these panelists truly cared about furthering the cause of reconciliation. They wouldn't be asking for so much of a paycheck to do it. It's not like it was their career choice to be panelists on such an important issue.

  I said it once and I'll say it again... We must be careful of those who are going to jump on this TRC bandwagon just in order to make a name for themselves, make money.. or water down the truth in order to keep the status quo.




 I just came from a meeting with a representative from the U of A and what I heard did have some merits. such as we have to begin changing the colonial mindset through love and seeking allies with those who have taken part in the oppression of my peoples. This is regards to some angered comments about the U of A profiting from the Truth and Reconciliation(See above), which they are by holding meetings and discussion panels on their property. one coming up will cost $125. this is so ridiculous. I told them they should be providing the space at no cost if they are serious about reconciliation. anything else is anti-reconciliation. But hey, in my view they don't care. it's just the perceived appearance that they care by holding these meetings. As long as it doesn't cost them anything, and hey if they make a profit while looking good to the public... why not, right. Damn sick if you ask me. If they are not willing to kick in by means of some real space on their property and real time allotment, then I say we hold these meetings someplace else.


the Maasai Warrior

   In the upcoming film “The Visioneer” about XPrize creator Peter Diamandis. Former American President Bill Clinton, who is interviewing Peter, responds to a comment from Peter about how a Maasai Warrior in Kenya has access to more “knowledge and information” on a smart phone that he, the president, had 20 years previous. And his response to that comment was… “That’s a frightening thought”…  Ya, he really said that!
  Now in my opinion, this has got to be the epitome of ignorance. Personally I would love to have a Masasai warrior to replace all the presidents of years past. Well, either one of them or more preferable, a Cree warrior. At least we would have more respect for the Earth and each other. And remember folks, Hillary is married to this dildo and she’s currently running for president of the united states. Now that is a frightening thought.
  And during that same interview... Peter talks about how people focus on the negative in the news. But the the numbers say things are better than what is perceived. That the cost of food is going down as well as the cost of energy. Now what kind of freakin' privileged bubble is this wingnut living in? At the time that this video was made, oil and gas prices were still high and the price of food is still skyrocketing. So who is he trying to kid? And as far as current gas prices go... sure it's gone down a lot, but that's only because of the climate summit in 2015 and the shift in people's thinking when it comes to cleaner energy sources. So as we look to how the low gas prices are affecting consumerism now... People have stopped buying electric, hybrid and energy efficient vehicles and are going back to gas guzzling trucks! WTF!! Lemmings, all of ya! Don't you remember what the real scientists have been saying! "ALL FOSSIL FUELS NEED TO STAY IN THE GROUND IF WE HAVE ANY HOPE TO SAVE A FUTURE FOR OUR DESCENDANTS!!! Damn you people piss me off.
   Well, that's my rant for today. Sorry about my tone but hey... wake up people and remember that the mainstream media is owned by those that have been selling us the same lies for decades. The same people sort of who have been trying to kill Indigenous peoples for hundreds of years. And the same ones who make you pay outrageous taxes for wars that benefit only the big corporations and private banks.

 (excerpt from
Life of a Maasai Warrior
Our way of life is still very close to that of our ancestors, our society is organized in the same way and modernity has not affected us much yet. We are semi-nomadic pastoralists: our livestock is our livelihood. Our whole society revolves around our cows, sheep and goats, as it did for our forefathers.
Warriors, all the young men in our community, are in charge of protecting livestock from predators and enemies, and, these days, of taking cattle to far away pastures during the dry season. Women and children look after goats and sheep, that are more resilient and can remain near the homesteads also during the dry spells- thus always providing milk and meat for the family. Elders keep peace and harmony in our community, settling disputes, administering justice, negotiating with neighboring tribes and these days with the local administrations.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


   PLEASE READ MY PLEA... my name is johnny lee. I am involved with not
only "Causes", but other social justice and environmental activist
web-sites. Not to mention I post a lot of news about police abuses and
Elitist lies. Through this work, I have become a blip on the radar of
those who monitor this and other social media sites. And as such I have
been blocked from sharing a great deal of news and materials. It is
becoming harder to do so and is taking more and more time and effort
to raise awareness on a great deal of issues.So this brings me to my
request to all who care about the future of humanity on this planet.... 

   I implore all of you, please get involved with sharing and
investigating issues such as the contamination of our food and water
supplies, Pharmaceutical genocide, oil and gas industries ignoring and
suppressing the facts about climate change, corporate greed, political
corruption, human trafficking, animal abuses. Those living in captivity,
domestic and most importantly... our planets wildlife. 

   Please don't be fooled. Time literally is running out for much of the living
species on this planet. you know who will survive? Micro- organisms and
those with enough money, power and technologies to ensure their own
survival through a handful of means. Some of which we've heard of and
know the tech. exists. And some of which "YOU" have never heard of and
wouldn't believe. The War has been waging... it's time for you to join,
the Awoken.

                                                            {from Facebook}
B'Tselem בצלם
Just another day in Hebron: Settler humiliates and throws rocks at Palestinian women in the presence of Israeli soldiers.
Video shot by May D’ana in Jabal Juhar, on the border of which the settlement of Kiryat Arba was built. 17 November 201

Over the last few weeks, volunteers in B’Tselem’s camera project documented a few incidents which are just part of their daily lives, including repeated harassment by settlers, while security forces look on.

                                                              {from Facebook}
Vivian George‎ to Higher Perspective
Grantspass, Oregon
ENOUGH BULLSHIT! Our Lord will judge them righteously. Where will you stand? With them, on the sidelines?... Or will you not stand for it at all.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trouble is a Brewin'

   Edmontonians, Trouble is a Brewin'!

   I was informed today by a very reliable source that the city, or more specifically, the EPS. will in fact be hiring 40 - 44 more officers specifically trained and experienced in targeting, as well as handling, perceived street folk. This training and experience will be focused in pushing us out of the new "ICE District". And all of this will take place once the new arena is completed.

    I am to inform you now that this sort of behavior will "NOT" be tolerated. There will be consequences to these sort of actions. In what form I have no idea. But I will be discussing this matter with friends from different sectors of our society as well as in a wide variety of forums. I have already been informed by another source that the EPS had better be prepared for a war in some form or another if they wish to impose their damn perceived privileged and colonization attitude upon us... once again.

(That response from my source was rephrased in my words. But the word "WAR", was not mine)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Lie We Live

The Truth and Reconciliation is a good thing. But be wary... we have
been given mere scraps from a table of plenty. They are putting on a
good show for the masses. We must not be fooled and become grateful or
complacent. Wake up, get involved locally as well as globally... Add
your voice.

I noticed that they did not include the Genocide as well as Cultural
Genocide of the America's Indigenous Peoples. But that's OK, the message
is still the same.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Marianne Williamson Talks Spirituality and Politics

Probably "one" of the most important talks of our time.

Friday, January 15, 2016

THE PRAYER with Lyrics_Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli

[Please see "the Bissell Stance" below for an update]

Saturday, January 9, 2016

SOWK 202-The Effects of Intergenerational Trauma on Contemporary Indigen...

Friday, January 8, 2016

the Bissell Stance

   Have a look at a sample of what we homeless deal with all the time. I get my mail through the Bissell center, along with many others. Good place, however....

My note to Eli, a contact name I received from their Adult Support office for which I got a false E-mail address, so I sent this out to a few staff members...
  {Hello Eli, my name is johnny lee. I am writing you because I have no access to a phone. I will not use the Adult services anymore because it's always a bad experience with that office with me. this time it wasn't all that bad but it was no help either. But that wasn't what I wanted to write you about. What I wanted to inquire about is the mailing system you have at the east building. Oh I'm sure you will say it's not your department but I'm writing you anyway because yours is the name I was given. I was going over there checking the mail for over a week for my Christmas bureau gift card which I never received. The woman running the desk said that cards would still arrive after christmas. Then when I found out it was mailed out on the 16th. So I went to her, naturally a little upset but at no time did I yell at her. I said to her that either they lost my mail, misplaced it, gave it to someone else or a staff member had stolen it. I mention stolen because my gift card was stolen last year. Anyway, as soon as I said stolen she immediately said she would not talk to me, because of that accusation and because I was upset. WELL! Of course I was upset that does not give her or anyone in her position to treat me or any of us like a child. TREAT US LIKE THAT AND THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!!!
Now I find out that my gift card is not the only one to have mysteriously disappeared!! WTF!! I would like something done to rectify this matter as soon as possible before other actions are taken. Thank you and I look forward to your response.
johnny lee }

RE: mailing inquiry
Matt Ashdown (
Add to contacts
To: johnny lee

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for your email. Did you intend this for Eli Shraeder or for me? Nevertheless, I will review the agreement that you would have signed when you started receiving mail with us as well as our policies and will respond to you within 48 hours.


 johnny lee
12:58 PM 

To: Matt Ashdown
figures you'd say something like that. Don't care about what happened... just care about covering your asses. there's more than just your crooked legal system to get things done Mr. paperwork

UPDATE: I got ripped off $3 on my Christmas Bureau gift card today. I made a purchase just yesterday to which the clerk circled the balance of $14.15. Today as I was about to make another purchase on that card. There was only $11.15 on it. How about that eh. I wonder how many other people this happens to. Well, no more save on anymore, and no more Christmas Bureau bullshit for me. It was headache enough since that's two cards stolen from me in two years. This card to which I speak was a replacement card from the Edmonton Bissell Center. I must publicly thank them for rectifying THAT little matter to which I am very thankful after what happened.... They wrot me a nice little apology and are doing an investigation into the matter so that it doesn't happen again. Thank you Bissell Center. To bad it took what it took. Anywho, Peace out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bobby Kennedy's Speech for Humanity

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]