Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Un..." Well, actually it is "freakin' belieavable!"

    Let me turn you on to a very wise, entertaining and enlightening young gentleman who makes a wide range of videos. His name is Yousef, but goes by "fouseytube"on Youtube. One of his main focuses is shining a light on the homelessness issue and how society at large responds to people who find themselves in such a position. He purposefully and tactfully as well as not so tactfully draws out attitudes & stigmas which are associated in relation to this issue. I would suggest you search out other videos of his on this subject I wish to share this link to one particular video with you that produced a measure of shock within me. And I thought I've seen it all. God bless you all.

 additional (uncut) version

P.S. I don't  know if I've mentioned this or not but I finally got to see my grandson after a long wait. I had a great time with him. Here are a couple pics of our time together in his playhouse.(And "yes", that is genuine surprise when I saw my daughter with her camera on us as I was making faces at my host.)

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So Sorry
 Once again I must apologize, I made a mistake. I though I could release that story I've been talking about on the 22nd but am not able to until my trail date. I have been charged with uttering death threats against a housemate which is untrue, all stemming from elements which are concerning this story, so I think it would be wise since there are elements in the story that concern the trail so I had better leave it till then. Once again my apologies because I am only scheduled to enter a plea on May 20th. then a trail date has to be set. When that date is set I'll let you know.
   Ya I know, that's a long wait. Oh well, I have something for you before then anywho and besides, It's not like many people are reading my blog anyway because I 'm not posting as much and as often as I should... so right now I feel like I'm talking to myself so I'd better stop before You people think I'm crazy. Later.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Heads Up

 My next big story... and it will be big, will be out on April 22nd. Tell your friends and see you then. Love you. Here are a few tid bits that are no less important.

(the following comment was written by Brianna B. on Facebook in regards to this link to an article entitled "Red River Women" written by Joanna Jolly)

"This is such a well written article regarding missing and murdered indigenous women. Educate yourselves! Please read it."
With Aboriginal peoples making up less than 5% of Canada's population of 35 million, this figure is astonishingly high - Aboriginal women are four times more likely to be murdered or go missing than other Canadian women.“What most people fail to recognise is that the establishment of Canada was actually formed on colonial imperialism, fuelled by racism,” Fontaine says.
Newcomers, explorers and settlers did not understand, she says, that many indigenous societies were matriarchal.
“Whereas indigenous people understood indigenous women and girls as life-givers, as sacred, as equal, we start to see that shifting to, ‘No they're whores, they're promiscuous, they're squaws.’”
The Iroquois word “squaw”, in particular, bothers Fontaine.
“It's the word for female genitalia.”
“We have a swear word that starts with a C and ends with a T that is essentially what generations of indigenous women and girls were called.”

David Suzuki on, well... saving us from ourselves of course.

(from another Facebook post)

 Searching for a new Earth:
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