Welcome to my blog site, I am so looking forward to sharing so much of myself and of God with those who might be willing to join me on this journey into the future. It should be an interesting ride because my life is nothing if not interesting, I have a view not everyone has the privilege, as well as misfortune, to see. A view from the street life of a great city, Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Not to mention that I ... well, if you are patient you may read about it later. This is a work in progress so it may take some time to get into the swing of it but I am determined to get our site right and bring you messages to encourage you as well as bring you Gods truth as much as He blesses me without my own understanding interfering. I am sure it will be a struggle from time to time as those who know me know that I am a stubborn man but I do love our Lord more than anything I can be on my own, so bear with me while as I wrestle out my bullshit to reveal that which I believe God is calling me to do... which is to bring to light the plight of the homeless and addicted  while writing about my own life experiences and how our Lord God Almighty has been a part of it and still is. I am working on a book of the same and a lot from these stories will go into said book, but it will be so much more and it should be ready before I pass on, which is to say be patient sssssuckas!...lol.
   I also hope to turn this into a full fledged website someday with music videos as well as videos of interest, along with Christian chat rooms and stories from people of many walks of life. This is my vision and my hope so with Gods grace and mercies along with your prayers, hang on for the long haul my friends and invite others if you think me worthy. I hope to post a main story every so often which you will find in the menu bar on top of the home page with some regular blog posts on said page .
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   I also might make a few changes in the stories from time to time to update details I may have forgotten or gotten wrong, or just to add a joke or something (except "My Testimony", I can't change what is The Fathers). At any rate, I am sure you'd might enjoy a refresher read of these stories regardless of updates or not. I have also added links to relevant videos on some stories from other Christian sites. May God bless and keep you my brothers and sisters and all my love goes out to you as well.

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  1. Hi Johnny, I came across your blog and was interested in meeting with you to talk to you about it. I'm a journalist here in Edmonton but I'm interested in how the homeless community and others considered "on the margins" connect with the rest of the world around them. Yours seems to be a very interesting take on it. Let me know if you'd be willing to chat and the coffee's on me.


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