I would like to introduce you to my kids, just like any father I just have to show them off, they’re good people. They are all grown up now and looking pretty darn spiffy. I tell people I have three and a half kids because my three have a little sisterwho I love as wellfrom a fellow named Stacy who had passed while he was still far too young. Her name is Jesse and she was so cute when she called me uncle-dad when she was young. She’s a big girl now at 15 years, and she is looking pretty happy at her first concert……………………………..............................just kiddin’…
Pretty cool huh?                                                                            Here she is

  lil' gangster                                               again...

  having a   

  good time.                
Here she is with the eldest, my most beautiful and always classy daughter Crystal. She is now 25 and has a baby boy named Brady james brynt Wetzstein born Dec. 3rd. 2013.
A handsome gent just like his grandpa, that’s them below…

A beautiful sight if ever I’ve seen…and I know she’s gonna be a good mother, she practically raised her brothers because of the hours her mother worked. There Crystal is with my youngest son Daytona. Dawn worked hard to provide for those kids and I know she did her best, especially after she lost her husband. I regret being such an asshole to her much of the time when we were together, it wasn’t until later on in the relationship before I got Jesus, and by then much damage had already been done by the both of us. We were also too young in the lord to understand and accept Gods precepts to apply them to our relationship or maybe, because of the past damage we didn’t want to. Come to think of it…that night… the night I got home from the road trip with my brother when I got saved, that’s when Dawn told me she was pregnant with Daytona. Wow, she deserved so much more than what I gave her. Guys can be so stupid when were young, we can act all that and yet know not much of anything, at all. …Anyway, here’s Dawn with my boys and yet another example of what I’m talking about, that’s John on the left and Daytona on the right…
Daytona is already quite the man at 20, responsible,
doesn’t drink or smoke, works hard and gets the chicks.
Besides the chick thing there is another trait of mine
Daytona has-- do not piss him off-- as you can see. I can still remember when his mother ran and jumped on the couch where I was watching Days of Thunder, that’s when she had asked what we should name him, hence…Daytona.
He’s the one I had the longest, the one I got off the
bottle one month after getting custody and potty trained within in a few months. He was 1 year old when I got the kids. I so do wish at times I had another chance at raising all of them. I wouldn’t have given any of them back if I had that proverbial magic wand to turn back time with…you know the one.
Yep, I can see it now…me and my boys, reclining back on the sofa, playing video games and scratching ourselves all day while Crystal brings us beer and chips …yaaa…lol. Well, back in reality, that’s pretty much more John’s life description. The eldest son at 21, about to be 22 on the 6th of Sept. is more of the laid back type than the other two, video games? ...yep, work…nope. It’s not that he’s not a hard worker because he is, he’s a very hard worker… once he gets up early enough in the morning to get to work. I got him a job at the recreational trailer manufacturing shop where I was foreman for a time. I pretty much had to train the whole framing dept. of 17 guys to build these trailers. It was crazy. But ya… he was a great worker and smart, learned fast and I could see him succeeding greatly if he just had the motivation. Motivation, or the lack thereof is another trait that could have come from me, no… wait, mom too…I can remember many occasions where mom was just as lazy as pops so there, ha.

All kidding aside, I can see a real good man emerge out of the youth to which he is so attached and   he’s quite a character too…funny, a bit of a show off like me. I love the guy, and I am sure that sooner or later he’ll find his stride as well. If not…well he’ll have a hard time of it, no different than the rest of us who decide to float and see what happens. There are those who create their lives and those who have their lives created for them. There is, in my opinion not too much differing the two paths other than that those who create their lives have more to control and have more to say in how they live their lives whereas those who float don’t have much control over their lives at all and it tends to be more chaotic than the other group, some thrive that way I guess. I know I did. Both paths have their ups and downs, and you cannot avoid the growing pains no matter how much you think you’re in control. But floaters beware, remember that parable from the bible where the one who did little with what was entrusted to him, little was added to him. Then to the one who did much with what was entrusted, much was added. I believe it was something like that, look it up for yourselves, you can obviously read and I never said I was a priest with a mega memory. Besides, I love it when I get you wondering. This is what it’s all aboot folks, so hang on! HaHaHahahah!!!!
Anyway those are my kids who I love very much and I am sure you will read more about them in the future if you stick around and I hope you do. Luv ya.


           the boys are almost as good lookin' as Pops                             John, Daytona, Crystal and Jesse



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