Sunday, January 24, 2016


   PLEASE READ MY PLEA... my name is johnny lee. I am involved with not
only "Causes", but other social justice and environmental activist
web-sites. Not to mention I post a lot of news about police abuses and
Elitist lies. Through this work, I have become a blip on the radar of
those who monitor this and other social media sites. And as such I have
been blocked from sharing a great deal of news and materials. It is
becoming harder to do so and is taking more and more time and effort
to raise awareness on a great deal of issues.So this brings me to my
request to all who care about the future of humanity on this planet.... 

   I implore all of you, please get involved with sharing and
investigating issues such as the contamination of our food and water
supplies, Pharmaceutical genocide, oil and gas industries ignoring and
suppressing the facts about climate change, corporate greed, political
corruption, human trafficking, animal abuses. Those living in captivity,
domestic and most importantly... our planets wildlife. 

   Please don't be fooled. Time literally is running out for much of the living
species on this planet. you know who will survive? Micro- organisms and
those with enough money, power and technologies to ensure their own
survival through a handful of means. Some of which we've heard of and
know the tech. exists. And some of which "YOU" have never heard of and
wouldn't believe. The War has been waging... it's time for you to join,
the Awoken.

                                                            {from Facebook}
B'Tselem בצלם
Just another day in Hebron: Settler humiliates and throws rocks at Palestinian women in the presence of Israeli soldiers.
Video shot by May D’ana in Jabal Juhar, on the border of which the settlement of Kiryat Arba was built. 17 November 201

Over the last few weeks, volunteers in B’Tselem’s camera project documented a few incidents which are just part of their daily lives, including repeated harassment by settlers, while security forces look on.

                                                              {from Facebook}
Vivian George‎ to Higher Perspective
Grantspass, Oregon
ENOUGH BULLSHIT! Our Lord will judge them righteously. Where will you stand? With them, on the sidelines?... Or will you not stand for it at all.

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