Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Only To Die

A portion of the world lies dead
Yet they're truly not recognized
And where too, I laid my head 
That there's where, I came realize

And when I opened my eyes
Or as my eyes were opened
I met the truth...
And in so died 

Yet it is through “that” death
I found a high purpose
It is in that place
I was able to surface

I fight not for self
But I speak for children
I fight not for the seen
But for that...
Which is yet to be seen

I fight also for you 
My beloved relative 
So that one day you too
May awaken and live
Only to die...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

no Hope with the Seed

 Here is a letter I've been putting out there in response to some ridiculous behavior that I am coming to my wits end in having to witness time and time again. It also includes the my efforts to stop the Calgary office from destroying my city with their version of the Mustard Seed here in Edmonton. It was fine until a new manager took over from Calgary. you may also refer to my post, "What's up at the Seed?!"
In Regards to a petition I started for a greatly loved woman who was fired after 18 years of dedicated service to the homeless....

   There aren't very many signatures, this was just the online signatures to which I did not promote too well. we had over 250 signatures of the street people for Maria but the woman who was in charge of that list lost them through her living arrangements. But that doesn't matter. I will not stop campaigning against the Mustard Seed until Mario and Paule Thorne no longer subject the street people to their power trips. There are more stories that I have collected since this started so hold on for a long and bumpy ride!

   I have been banned for life from the Mustard Seed because I refuse to say that they are valuable to me. As a Christian I hold nothing in this world of value. only my Lord Jesus and the kingdom of heaven is valuable. But according to Mario the Manager and volunteer coordinator Paul Thorne, I will never be allowed in their building until I verbally state that they are valuable to me. Which will never happen. (See fb page Reinstate Maria for backstory)...
   To the Hope Mission: I am writing to let you know that I am very disappointed with your staff and their behavior and attitude when it comes to those they profess to serve. I walked into the supper service and reported a man in distress on the corner of 97 street and 106th. avenue. I reported this information to Nathan and Megan who were standing at the front door engaged in witty banter with each other. Unfortunately Nathan was completely dismissive and told me to call 211 myself. (The Hope mission has a street van for exactly this purpose). I told him I didn't have a phone, otherwise I would have called myself.
   Megan then tried to pretend that she was concerned and asked where exactly this man was. Then upon my departure from these two, it was obvious they were not going to call as Nathan just smiled and laughed under his breath as I was walking away. I also noticed that they were not making any calls so I went to another staff member to explain the situation. This is when I noticed Megan and Nathan take notice of what I was doing. That is when I heard Megan's voice come over the radio bringing to attention this poor fellow left to sit in his own excrement on the side of the road.
   Now your staff flirting around with each other, rather than doing their jobs is none of my concern. What is my concern is the fact that they don't give a shit about my people who are victims of a colonialist attitude that has driven and kept my people in the gutters time and time again. That also goes for another incident which I indent to leave for a story that I am working on. I don't care about any response because I don't expect any from your so called hope mission that only pretends to care as long as you get subsidies from the government. I'm just letting you know to expect stories coming out from a dirty low-life indian writer by the name of, well me.
   It doesn't help with organizations like the Hope Mission and the Mustard Seed of Edmonton who take's everyone's money and does the very least amount to help the homeless while abusing them and feeding them substandard food (the Hope Mission, not the Seed in regards to food) and treating them like second class humans. Trust me, That's how they treat me.

   Oh ya, and the Hope Mission also keeps employed there a fellow by the name of Edin Viso, a racially insensitive prick who laughs at indigenous issues. I've created a fb page dedicated mostly to this native hating white supremist... (Ban Cohen Corner Cafe)

johnny lee

Added comments....................

Anonomous(from facebook) Why do people have such hatred and no respect for other humans these days.Like really some people ought to be acting like Christians rather than faking it since hope mission people are supposed to have a church service. I think Maria should be in charge of the seed too because at least she understood the needs and concerns of people. I don't like how they keep on firing staff just for getting to know people, that's part of their job as street level workers. No one should be treated as second class humans no matter what race they are and no matter how poor they are it isn't right. I will be praying for you and your campaign. I also want you to know that you are not a dirty Indian.. You are a first nations person and you have meaning in other people's lives no matter what the mustard seed staff or anyone else says. The creator sees all and he knows all. He loves you as you are.

An un-named friend in response to this.....
Hi man, 
Yeah that really sucks. That should not happen and I also see 'poser' Christians working around inner-city. 
It is tough for me to love them. I pray that your anger stays righteous, and keeps you going, and that you draw closer to the good Father. He will bring justice. Now and in the future. 
I will try and give you a call tomorrow. Have a good Easter brother!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

P.O.D. - Tell Me Why