Sunday, August 24, 2014

update to the last update which I deleted this date

I must apologize to everyone, I got a little heated cuz a bit was edited out of my garden story but the problem has been rectified after a short correspondence to the editor. I can be such an ass at times as some of you may very well know. I cried like a baby and got my way, hahahahaha.
  Well it wasn't quite like that but close.  The part that was edited out I felt was important for people to understand that addicts have talent as well as a heart just like anyone else. Well... like most anyway, lol.
  No worries though cuz that part has been returned to its rightful place. Praise God and thank you to the editor for understanding and putting up with my bullsneeze.
  But this is what and who I write for. The addicts, the homeless and the "least of these". I write for the Lord God Almighty by His grace and I just hope that everyone all across the world, will someday see us the way God does, with love and understanding. Without separation.

P.S. My article will be in the Sept. 1st. issue! and go ahead, check out Amy Grant's cool tune. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

CBC Radio segment & Garden Pics

 Here is that radio segment link about The garden along with some pictures.  Please enjoy.

Inner Voice at the Church Street Fair