From the Hip

Monday, September 16, 2013

From the Hip

Here it is, this will be my post for  this week cuz I must say i am not doing too well today so forgive me if my words seem erratic and i am not doing any editing for lack of time on the library computer. I'm shooting from the hip so to speak. You see, I attended a meeting with some street brothers and sisters along with the Bissel employees to discuss ways too reduce homelessness and poverty, a new initiative put out by our government and what i had wittnessed was just a little downheartening  cuz it just seemed like they just wanted to talk about themselves asked for short term solutions that would enable them to stay homeless or poor or to get their medical claims run through the system to get steady checks from the government through the WCB or welfare. Iam sure it would help many if it were easier but we were not supposed to talking about individual claims and how it would help our own cause to get that check. Whatever, it is what it is. I mean it was obvious that some were just there to get that $25.00 gift certificate for doing the discussion and i am sure that some of the things we discussed would help. I didn't expect much more than that going into it but, i don't know, it just seemed to suck...

 Hey, i got a $25.00 gift certificate for dairy Queen at least whoopie. I got a couple good suggestions in there as well and so did some others i think, i hope. I have my own view on things so i could be a lttle biased. anyway I was working on a post and almost finished it but it does not seem worthy right now. Prehaps next time.
 What i was hoping to do with this blog was to help open some eyes to some of the injustices perpetrated to many of Gods children but today seem like some just want to use the system  and not better it, but we are also talking about some people who have been let down by the system and i am one of them. I am wondering what is the point. I had given my blog address to a bunch of people who work at the Mustard seed and they say to me with a smile oh ya! I would love to look at it! that was over a month ago and I don't think not one of them looked at it. they keep saying " i will, just so busy right now". just one example of what i am writing about  in the story iwas working on, or the last story i posted, not sure anymore. so much bull in the world. pretty smiles then a stab in the back.
 All i want to do is make a difference, to give a good message about changing the bullshit for Gods Glory.
 oops, running out of time, only had 40 min  and i am not a good typist or word officianato. I just want to give you my love peeps for today and i am sure tomorrow will go better with me for the Lord God is with me, this at least i know. I know he loves me atleast. He loves you to ya know. by the way more bullshit with that recreation worker and the boyle street co-op workers which will be in another post, comming soon to a computer near you! Peace!

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