Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here we go... again.

    Well it's mardi-gras once more in downtown Edmonton. The junkies and crack heads are happy... for a day. The speed freaks are happy... for a couple days. And the drunks are happy... for a few more days. Me, well I'm kinda always happy... somewhat, of sorts. the government is never happy and God... well right now He just might be looking down, shaking his head and saying... johnny johnny johnny, what am I gonna do with you. lol. love you Pops!
  the last couple nights have been nuts at the Herb (men"s shelter). One evening there were fights over over a bed and last night a couple boys came in after midnight and, obviously after getting high in the washroom, began tweeking and jones-ing. Tweeking is shuffling through their belongings for nothing in particular and playing and taking apart objects, starring at the walls with wides eyes and listening for strange sounds. Jones-ing is buddy there crawling around on the floor with a flashlight, scraping the floor with his hand in the hopes that some crack would magically appear there. Oh what fun to watch, reminiscing of the hours I've spent doing the same thing. Feeling pity, feeling remorse... feeling... disgust and hate and anger and how could I have been so weak. And that's just how I felt.
  Oh well, that was then and this now... today, I am a man. Today... I am much of the man I hope our Lord intended me to be. Today... I am...


                                           Feel welcome to have a look at this cool message.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hi there!

As you may notice I've made a few changes today to the site due to some confusion. Common folks, when I said to add your suggestions and comments I wasn't just blowing smoke up your butts, lol. This is OUR site... yours and mine, so lets work together, add your suggestions, put on a smile and send me lots and lots of money, lol. Just kidding...  keep coming back and look around, I change things around tweak and add stuff. I'm learning all of this too as I go so have patience. The web design course I took was mostly for businesses and not for a site like mine cuz I'm special just like my mommy said I was. Check out the first video I've downloaded directly onto our site. It's from another site but I think it has a good message for all, remember... I'm not in this for me... I'm in it for YOU and our Lord. God bless.

*Disclaimer : Someday I wouldn't mind putting ads and such here so I could make a little dough. After all, this work is apart of my retirement plan and my YES. And I probably will post some banking info so you can send me LOTS AND LOTS......................AND LOTS OF CASH! Mooahahahah!.

*Another Disclaimer: Just kidding about the cash, lol.
                                               all da luv,    johnnyluv

Sunday, January 12, 2014

An afternoon with my grandson

I had a great time with my grandson Brady today,(Wed, Jan. 8th.). He can lift
one eyebrow like my daughter Crystal and I already, so cool

What do yo mean I didn't signal back there?!



                                                              Here the little man is givin' me what for.
                                                                      So glad I didn't get out of my car.
                                                                            You see the guns on this boy?

My Grandson heard I joined the Downtown's Mens Choir as well as The Inner Voice, a new singing group project. Naturally he figured on sharing his expertise with some vocal techniques. I do sound slightly better, at least nobody plugs their ears anymore.

Thanx Brady.

I can hardly remember
being so happy.

Crystal is such a great mom, I could not be more proud.

Love you so much my girl.