Steppin' For Change

   Well, it's done! On Friday Sept. 16th., I climbed 25 flights of stairs @ 243, going up. Which is 6075 climbed steps in four hours. I'm very happy and proud with those results, all things considered.

   The first two flights probably were finished in  near record time. Even one of the volunteers was surprised. But who's to say really. I had nobody there to clock me. The third time really took the breath out of me and I figured there was only about 3-4 good runs left in me. But I told one of the younger fellows there that perhaps I could do 4-5 more as he inquired, after witnessing me slumped over and panting at the top of the stairs.

   With the fifth flight came the spaghetti legs. But all that past shortly after with a little determination to continue. It wasn't until about the 9th. flight of stairs, and to my surprise, that the knee which underwent minor surgery started to hurt. It was to my surprise because I figured it would have been my other knee to give out first. That was the one that did not have surgery but began hurting last year after the surgery on the first. Then on the 12th. grueling turn up, I cut my sweatpants into shorts and used the rags to hold my knee together. I could have stopped but I promised donators to this cause there'd be a lot of pain, and I was not about to let them down. (freakin' dummy, lol)

   So I kept going regardless of the pain. Yet mind you, this was not continuous climbing. I took breaks of course to rest, hydrate, eat some carrots and granola bars as well as chat with some of the volunteers that were there. Then about 18-19th. flight, I took off the knee wrappings and in the immortal words of Hillary Clinton's ensemble of press lackeys... I "powered through", Heh, Heh! Here is a pic commemorating my 20th. trip up those horrific stairs...

   Oh let me tell you... I almost called it a day right there.
But there was plenty of daylight left and I wasn't about to give up over a little pain. Believe me, I know pain... I eat pain for breakfast! (OK johnny, let's not get carried away now) LOL.

   Anyway, I still had some fight in me yet. So one more flight of stairs... then another. By this time the pain was becoming quite bad, but I wanted to give the kids one more at least, or try perhaps for the big 25 flights. Therefore, another rest then another step, and on my way to 23.

   I made it up. And yet looking around in triumph of making it that "one more". The beauty of the scenery that laid before me towards the valley and at the horizon above... it spurred me on. How could I stop now. I'm so close to the 25 mark. Regardless of the immense pain darting up from my left leg and the feel of it yearning, screaming to give out on me with every step. I make my way down for which seemed like the hundredth time.

   Twenty-four with a rest mid-way up on a bench, and a couple times on steps along the way. Another conquest, then to the bottom once again. The now familiar routine of rest, water and a snack...

   Last kick at the cat! And so I was off. Climbing, groaning with each step. my knee was on fire! I climbed with with the whole length of my forearm on the rail carrying much of the weight, pulling myself upwards. Winching in pain with each excruciating heave. trying not to let on too much to the other climbers just how much pain I was really in. But I'm sure they could see.

   Then at last, I made it! 25 flights of stairs... 6075 steps! And that's not even counting the steps going down, which were even harder to do these last 6-7 trips.

   I was done. that's it, no more... I had it. I was creeping my way back down when I passed a fellow I've met many times already throughout the day. I paused to say goodbye, we shook hands and he thanked me for coming out and doing a good job. I thought it a little strange him thanking me for coming out but, whatever.

   I collected my stuff, registered my stair count and tried to collect my t-shirt for having over the $50 minimum in donations towards the kids adventure camp. Being directed to someone named Doug about the "T", I was surprised to see it was buddy who I just finished saying goodbye to on the steps. He asked me my name, I told him and he said, "Oh you're johnny lee, I remember you registering." Cool, he remembers my registry... just gimme my damn T- shirt, lol. (Still doesn't click in my head)

   I'm very tired, sore, and just want to go home. It's a long way to go on the bus so I head for the washroom to clean up and change into jeans and my new shirt. Then it dawns on me... DOUG! Doug Klein!. The co-founder of Edmonton's Move program and the Dr. who challenged the citizens of Edmonton to do 1 million steps that weekend. Ha! what a wingnut I am. So I go back out there and say... "You're Doug Klein." He answers yes and naturally I ask to have a picture taken with him
 and he agrees.

   Here, nearly half the day passing each other and exchanging comments every so often. And my admiring his fitness level and dedication to these stairs. Which seemed to me at the time as much, if not more than mine. The dedication, not the fitness level. He did them faster and more of them. Obviously in much better shape than I. Well, he must be 24 years old and I'm fifty, HAHAHA! You're welcome Doug, lol.

   This was the guy who helped inspire me to do this in the first place. A really cool guy.
Anyway, here's a couple photo's of us...

    Clearly Doug started to blush in the
second pic as I commented on his sexy legs, lol.

   My fundraising page will remain open until September 30th. 2016. So if you wish to help send some kids to an amazing Adventure Camp and help stave off Metabolic Syndrome.  Head to my fundraiser page @...

Hear is a small write up from the Healthy Steps for Change Adventure Camp main page...

"Change Adventure Camp will start the process to re-connect people with nature. The camp will facilitate the exploration of nature and teach students and families key principles of land use, growing food and meal preparation. In addition, issues of physical activity and benefits of time spent in nature will be taught. The specific activities of the CHANGE Adventure Camp will include school field trips, school outreach program, cooking classes, and both weekend and summer camps for children adults and families."

   Thank you to those who have donated and helped me reach my goal of $200 already. I intend to raise the goal seeing as there is still time to give, so...
God bless you all.

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