Monday, February 3, 2014

Can I move in with you?

  Well , I guess I'm not gonna be homeless anymore. I am currently looking for a place. I am getting on medical assistance because of my knee. I don't think I've mentioned too much of this to you folks and had planned to write about it it the infamous story i have been telling you about but have not been working on because my laptop is down due to a broken charger chord. Ya I know they're cheap but when you have no income at all it might as well be a couple hundred rather than $10-$20 for a cheap or second hand one. The point is, According to the MRI results which I've just received, I have extensive tearing in my #%$^@!^&*@#%&^%$. That's what I said. It's some technical term for my knee is *&@#%^!

  Once I find a place to move into I will get between $800-$900 to pay the rent and buy a few things. I can get that charger and start writing the real meat and potatoes of our blog/web-site. I am still who God created be to be so just because I will be getting back into mainstream society does not mean I will be leaving my peeps behind, I love those people. They are the closest thing to the children for which Jesus came to save us in the first place. They are the people who are always being left behind and overlooked, lied to shuffled around and neglected. Even by those who wanted to help, that's right... there are those who have choosen a profession to help those in need, but as time went by it was revealed that it is the status rather than love that drew their attention to that calling. Perhaps they were just looking for that noble job but got tired of the reality of it.
  Whatever the case, I have discovered  this year in my journey that there are many people that who are supposed to help those in need, are simply just putting in their time. I will be writing about that in the future as well. For now here is something for you to look at and consider.

                                 All da luv,   johnnyluv