Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trouble is a Brewin'

   Edmontonians, Trouble is a Brewin'!

   I was informed today by a very reliable source that the city, or more specifically, the EPS. will in fact be hiring 40 - 44 more officers specifically trained and experienced in targeting, as well as handling, perceived street folk. This training and experience will be focused in pushing us out of the new "ICE District". And all of this will take place once the new arena is completed.

    I am to inform you now that this sort of behavior will "NOT" be tolerated. There will be consequences to these sort of actions. In what form I have no idea. But I will be discussing this matter with friends from different sectors of our society as well as in a wide variety of forums. I have already been informed by another source that the EPS had better be prepared for a war in some form or another if they wish to impose their damn perceived privileged and colonization attitude upon us... once again.

(That response from my source was rephrased in my words. But the word "WAR", was not mine)

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