A Simple Babble

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Simple Babble

I would like to apologize for the last post my friends. I was feeling just a tad discouraged and frustrated as you may have noticed and the funny thing is it didn’t even have much to do with those things I wrote about. If you happened to have read my “Welcome” post, as you should, you might understand in some way of what I was talking about when I said it might take a bit for me to wrestle out my own bullshit before we get into a groove with the true nature of this creature which is to be our website. I am not even sure myself of its character in its entirety but it’s not to be just a rant forum of my own making, and it damn sure is not gonna be a bunch of bumper stickers strewn together to form some regurgitated guru garden party either I’m telling you that right now.
This blog thing was nearly about to become a whole new monster,
something I didn’t intend it to be. I don’t believe I will post the story I was working on earlier, and I want you to understand that this is not what I want for this site, it’s not supposed to be about me and I don’t want it to be about me. You deserve better than to hear some middle aged geezer go on about his bitterness towards the fallen state of humankind. Our Lord never gave me that charge either, as He was reminding me of this as I was writing. Looking back its very interesting how I kept getting a message, “Tread carefully” said He. The sunday service even relayed the same message but I kept writing, saying to myself...

How dare they
. I understand you may not know what I am talking about but just know this, I was wrong to take the route I was going. Pride is an ugly beast.
So what is the plan now, where do I go from here? Time to take stock; I have two writing classes going, one online and one in class, two facbook pages, twitter my blog and a singing group called Inner Voice. I also have an internet writing market course coming up not to mention another Alpha course I am beginning with the church today, something has to give. For sure the community page on facebook for the blog will go, that could keep until my writing gets more established and stable. I do believe I will also cut the stories back to only a couple per month or something with no deadlines because I think it is time for me to get back working, winter’s right around the corner. Not to sure though because I could somehow work my class assignments into my blogs as well, we will have to see but I know if I try too hard to get something out there for you on time, I may just spit out dung. I don’t want the quality of the stories to suffer and it takes me a lot of hours to put out a small amount what with the entire thesaurus checking and editing. I’m about to lose my laptop as well because it’s falling apart. The battery doesn’t hold a charge at all, I have to keep it plugged in order to use it and that is on its last leg as well. The power cord has a short in it. I’d like to concentrate on getting better at writing, building on it because it may be my future, my retirement plan if you will. It’s not just for me either mind you because I could die within the hour and just be content with that, more than content. This is for you, this is for my kids, and more importantly this is for our Father.
 It’ll come to me I’m sure of how I should proceed, for I have faith in our Lord to guide me. Heck, he stopped me from making a fool of myself with the last story I almost posted didn’t He. Just today, while in my chest I could still feel a little leftover frustration and panic from the other day and then the Holy Spirit gave me counsel. He said “Why the worry, nothing has changed.” Then I realized that nothing has really changed, I didn’t put out that story yet and everything is everything.
  Before I begin to babble I had better cut this off and just leave you with this. Stay tuned, for I don’t know what I am doing right now. I leave it in the hands of God to guide and inspire. I love all you people out there regardless of how frustrated I can get at times and please know that from day to day…hour by hour… Grace abounds. Please pray for me, that I may remember this also…PEACE!

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  1. Great and Inspirational story. MZ Purple Turtle, Edmonton AB


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