Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Praising Him in this Storm

  Wow, it's been a crazy weekend and week so far. Firstly, a final confrontation with a slightly off balanced stalker chick to get her to leave me alone results with her going around calling me a "dirty Indian". then a confrontation with a housemate results in my getting falsely arrested for uttering death threats (he's been trying to get me kicked out ever since I solidified get his drinking buddy evicted from the house). then 4 am. sunday morning another housemate pounds on my door trying to incite me to violence or threats of violence over some chocolate being placed on his door handle (a prank of some sort) and my leaving lights turned on.
   It's o.k. the next day he apologized stating that the trouble maker housemate brought him some cake(obviously with chocolate icing) that day. He said that the other guy was instigating trouble between us. last night at the Mustard Seed, A young woman tried to butt in line at the E- closet but I wouldn't let her. She then says she gonna go around and tell people that I'm a rat.
   Now today I received an eviction notice due to lights being left on and that death threat thingy (I was sort of expecting it). lol.
Funny thing is that there are so many embellishments and lies in that eviction notice I just had to laugh out loud when I read it.
   Let me tell you... I just have to give our Lord such praise, praise , praise. He's shown me such love I can hardly contain myself. I will explain but you may have to wait for my long awaited story entitled "Do Not Worry" to come out. Look for it prior to April 22, 2015


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hittin' the Hits!

  These boys are talented are they not?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Parting Clouds

  Well hello everyone, This is simply a follow-up to my "Post Christmas Post" of sorts.
I've had relatively a hard few months deals with my offspring issues and such. I also haven't truly felt our Lord's presence for quite some time either for whatever reasons, this isn't entirely clear to me. But that matters little to me now, be it lack of effort to seek Him or His wanting to see how I fair through this trial... fighting whispers from the adversary. All the while, without His clear and obvious guidance and peace in the forefront. All I know is that yesterday I felt Him touch my heart... something I've been yearning for, something I've been missing for so very long.
  I've told myself that I would carry on praising Him regardless if I knew He was there or not... regardless if I would still be accepted into His kingdom or not (refer to My Life is not My Own). And I did, but it's hard isn't it. It's hard to keep going to church continuously... but that's kinda normal for me anyway. But I missed more than usual.
  It's harder to treat everyone with respect when you don't feel respected. But we can still do it by choice. Even though I can be harsh and unmoving to many who tend to get in my way... I did manage not to hurt anyone during this time. Well... not in any physical or emotionally obvious way anywho, if you discount the letter I wrote to my landlord's Pastor. Which you may read about in a story I've had on the shelf for a while but started working on again.
  Then I've received some news which I won't go into, but it really has brightened my year. OK, let's just stick with my month, lol.
   My point is through, this whole dark period these past months... I never lost faith or love for the great and Mighty Creator who has so graciously found in His heart to forgive.
                                                                                                           Thank You Father.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This outta get yer dander up!

  People ask me why I don't want to be apart of main stream society... this video shows in one aspect exactly why!  Go ahead, get mad cuz I did. But just ask yourself how many times over your lifetime you've done something similar, justifying indifference by telling yourself it's just a scam or something.  Remember... you can lie to yourself but not to our Father.