Friday, June 24, 2016

To Hell... Yet on My Way Back

   Hi folks, It's been some time since I've written and for various reasons. One of the most prominent of them is that for a while there I lost hope as you may have already read or heard from me someplace online or another. I gave up hope from all the activist research I've been doing. To find out the sheer scope of all the bullshit out there and how so many are either oblivious to it, or just don't care because they are to caught up with their own materialistic lives just became too overwhelming.

   Yet don't bill me too misguided. I also realize that there are a great deal who do care and work very hard to rectify and educate others to this dilemma we face as residents to such a diverse and wondrous planet.  Also, it took my going to the very edge to realize the support system that is in place for me and how many great friends I truly have. Yet on the other hand... I've also been losing touch with my children and grandson to some degree.

   This I believe, as I've mentioned, was written to many of you earlier here on my blog as well as other media venues. But since getting over myself and that situation, another shitty shambles came to bear upon my grasp of insanity. Insanity would be the appropriate word I'm looking for here because I would never dare to claim a sane state for this reality to which we all are imprisoned, if only for but a short time. Thankfully and by God's grace, that situation has been only temporary. I plan to see my daughter and her family in the coming week. I also have decided to have another go at rehab.

   Yes, I've relapsed. And not with my usual love of cocaine or crack, but with crystal meth. which is sort of an overlap from the first predicament. I thought after I was able to grasp the beauty of this world and the Father once again that stopping the use wouldn't be far behind. but now it's been four months of mardi-gras'.  And So I've decided to re-check myself in after 10 years. This time It's gonna have a foundation in Indigenous teachings to which I will seek refuge from all the hub-bub and attempt to find my place in sobriety as well as stability once again.

   Six times I've relapse since my short stint in the Anchorage program at the Salvation Army institution of religious bullshit to which they gave me the boot after six weeks. About half the required time to graduate their program a decade ago. Ya, they cited I was too difficult to work with after refusing to be followed to the bathroom in a church. Why would I use in a church after enjoying a weekend pass? Well regardless of that, I remained true to my renewed faith in the Creator and stayed sober until about three and a half months of bible college over a year later.

   Anyway, and back on topic, I've been having problems with some employees at the supportive living building to which I moved into. Some who've I've known prior to moving in and who have called me friend. turned out not to really be my friends at all. I've discovered I'm just another client to them. and the lies keep mounting within that realm of systematic, ass covering lemmings. Yet then again... I love it when people underestimate my intelligence. It only serves to reveal their own ignorance to the truth and those who seek it. You see due to my relapse, I believe I've stumbled upon something fishy going on with some staff members and possibly a few of the residents.

   They are trying to convince me that what I seem to suspect is all in my head because of the drug use and to some degree, at first I swallowed it. But too many tangibles have, and are adding up to cause me to believe otherwise. Things that have brought forth substantial evidence. The thing is, is to track down that evidence. And I currently have eyes and ears on the streets doing just that. However, that may prove harder to do than it may seem. For much, other than a couple pieces to that evidence, is reliant upon peoples testimonies to this situation, and few are talking. It would take a real investigation to bring out that truth. So again, I would have to get my hands on that of which I spoke earlier. And don't go believing I'm giving away to much info here, this would already be known by my adversaries. Then again, perhaps I am crazy...

   But I really don't  think so. You see, I've been subjected to a corporate cover-up once before in my life with a company I used to work for. So it with first-hand knowledge to what businesses will do to protect the status quo. And I just want to say that I believe because of my refusal to back down, they may now have reversed their policy of a rights violation in order to ensure client safety. Which is infinitely more important than any recompense I may be seeking for myself. For this is about personal rights, rights endowed to all of God's creature's, strong or weak.

   And this is good news because it gives me cause to relax a little more and stop worrying about some threats I was receiving to my well being. I mean, I would have hated to seriously hurt someone in self-defense, or die before finishing my book...

   Oh don't even ask, I don't know when I'll get around to typing that impending "The End" to my masterpiece of a lifetime's journey. It is my wish that I enjoyed that stability now, but I don't. I'm still that little irresponsible imp I have always been since childhood, lol. I'm just updating you folks on my situation and that roller-coaster of which I usually get a kick out of. But I find myself getting too old to play the game anymore of catch and release in regards to life.

   I will never stop fighting for the little guy though. I have nothing else in this world to which is worthy of my sweat and tears at the moment. Nor do I believe there ever will be until I find a nice, curvy, sugga mamma to keep me warm at nights, lol.

   Don't worry folks, I'm just kidding... Even a sugga mamma couldn't replace this warrior's heart for the fight. HAHAHAHA!

    In the meantime, here are some articles that may shed some light on to some of the concerns to which plague this old man's noggin. And go ahead, cry "conspiracy theorist" or "paranoid nut-job". yet you must understand. I've resolved myself to given up seeking anything of this world for myself in order to serve my King Jesus. It is my hope that He may bestow to me in some small measure... the wisdom to follow a path to which may endow me with some portion of truth. And Even though there are those who may call me crazy. It is those I believe who prefer to hide from said truth. If only to hold on to the fallacy of what they may call... reality.


(The Rothchild's and the Central banking System)
 (Lady Diana and the British elite)
(Chem-trails and Geo-engineering)

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