Thursday, October 13, 2016

Democratic Reform & a Pam Palmater Presentation

  The Canadian Government is now looking at a Democratic Reform. They are looking at changing our voting system as well as moving towards a cleaner energy sector. So leaders are seeking the public's opinion and idea's on these matters. We must get involved and add our individual as well as communal voices to the governing bodies to balance out the multitudes of paid lobbyists from corporate fat-cats.

  I myself am attending a Democratic Reform Potluck Dinner tonight which gives Edmontonians an opportunity to discuss democratic reform with each other as well as leaders. It's time for Indigenous Peoples to take back the power of self-determination through democratizing democracy! We have to be participants in world decision making. Because the alternative is exactly what we've been experiencing due to colonization, or shall I use the more recently used term "globalization", through
justifiable wars for Consumerism.

Originally published @ on Apr. 30, 2015
Pam Palmater Presentation to Standing Senate Committee on Nation Security and Defense
Monday, April 27, 2015

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