Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Message For All Of Humanity

   I may have been raised disconnected from the Woodland Cree language and ancestral teachings which were stolen from my family so long ago. But the Spirit of a warrior yet runs through my veins. As does the Spirit of Love... and Forgiveness. I can forgive those who have inflicted great pain and hatred within my heart throughout this life. I can love again with the remembrance of who the Creator decreed me to be. For He did not give me a Spirit of forgetfulness.

   Although, this video is not of the Cree people, I am very grateful to my brothers and sisters of the Lakota. I have learned much on this journey from their teachings as well as the Cree. I have a long way to go though in my education before I go to be with them. Yet don't we all.

   I believe we all have much to learn from one another... each and every one of us. As well as from  all life on this planet, and from Mother Earth herself. Not to mention the ongoing Universal Creation itself. From which we all have been brought forth through the Spirit of the Father.

   So listen carefully my relatives. See, that which is so often overlooked. Hold dear to humility, open your hearts to Truth and remember... we are all affected by each others pains and sufferings. But most importantly, don't forget that we are also able to transcend such things...  by each others Love.

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