Thursday, July 30, 2015

Global News Story

  Here is a Link to a Global News report about Lady Flower Garden. You may have read my page containing that news article I wrote for the Bolye McCauley News entitled "The Garden". I've also made a mention about it in "First Time Summer". I really don't like how I sound recorded. I sounds so weird to me.
  The news reporter also wants to do more aboriginal stuff and will be checking out my blog. Perhaps you might see more of me in the news in the future... just to give you ample warning to rent a movie that night, hahahaha.
   Anyway, I hope you enjoy the news clip.

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or go to:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Here's the Thing

  OK folks, here's the thing. Now I can understand many of you are afraid to sign this very important. petition.

  It's because you don't consider it important, you don't know Maria, the Mustard Seed does good things for the poor and homeless and that should be good enough. I mean the list goes on and on. But it is important to many people that what the corporates are doing is unchristian like and should be reviewed. Perhaps it is a good thing but they are handling it in a poor manner, well I don't believe that but you are entitled to your opinion.

  They are treating a Spiritual ideal and name (the Mustard Seed), as a business and a place to practice worldly values rather than a Godly place of refuge and growth within Him. Yet I must apologize for some of the language I've used in that "Reinstate Maria" post. I was under the gun to get it published with a crippled laptop and very upset with what corporate has turned the Seed into. I will also be rewriting that story to fit properly the spirit of what Maria stood for. To honor her better than what that piece ultimately does. A lot of those things were my feelings. However, I am sure she felt the same way but has a touch more class than I I'm sure. Or perhaps not... lol.

  Anyway as I've mentioned, this is an ongoing fight and I will be explaining much more in detail the facts to this soap opera and that story later on. I just wanted you to know what they have planned for the volunteers and what Maria was fighting against.

 In the meantime, If you feel like signing the petition but can't because of any repercussions which may come. And if you have enjoyed any of my previous stories. for which I profit nothing. I would like to invite you to help me out in another way.

  My Daughter is getting married on Sept. 5th. and instead of registering at some store for gifts. She and her husband to be has set up a "Honeymoon Fund" online. I have a hard time working because of my knees being so bad and as you know, am homeless once again. As a matter of fact, I have been spending more nights outdoors as of late rather than in shelters and will probably be doing more of the same. I am tired of the looks I've been getting as of late because of this fight.

So what I'm asking for is donations towards my Daughters honeymoon. I will do my best to bring you better stories than what I've been producing as of late. I will finish the ones I've been working on and release the one I've promised as soon as am able. There is so much I wish to share with you and it will be glorious... to His Glory.
  So Please sign the petition and if you wish to but can't, then help my daughter out on the start of her new life as a married woman. Or you can do both.

 And if you do give please send it in the name of "Jesus Freak" so that she will know where it came from.
 Here is the link:

 If you think I'm trying to scam you then that's to bad. I'm sorry you feel that way. You may also read about her in one of my first stories "Legacy"and see her pictures. I like this one though. She looks so much like a picture I've seen of my mother when she was young, and also in black & white. Luv ya all in whatever you decide to do and take care of yourselves.

That's my daughter Chrystal and her husband to be, Jon. God bless them both.

Once again, If you enjoy my stories and would like to make a contribution to my web page in this manner, then go to...
and please give. Thank you.

P>S> don't forget to sign "Jesus Freak"



Monday, July 27, 2015

Good Morning

  Good Morning everyone.
Be sure to tune in tonight after 9 pm. for a write-up on... "Reinstate Maria"


Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Apologies/Be Patient

 I must apologize once again for being so slow and mistaking my release dates for posts. I promised you the write-up for my "Reinstate Maria" Petition but it's not quite ready. I am waiting on some possible new information regarding some interesting facts. The back story to this just keeps getting more interesting by the day.  Give me till Monday evening and I will have whatever I've got out to you regardless of whatever shape it is in.

  I'm not sure if many of you people are listening or caring anyway going by the results of the petition. We're talking only a measly 26 signatures in a week?! Completely Pathetic results for a woman like Maria.

   I mean, I know I've gotten a few people who say things like "perhaps it's for the best, maybe she doesn't want to come back, I didn't really know her, the corporate heads must know what their doing..." and the like. Seriously...? That's ostrich talk and you know it. I've got one guy who's benefited by Maria's generous nature for years and now (DAN) just abandons her when she's in need.

  I wonder if she would have helped him so much if she knew what some people are telling me about him and some of his little crew(not all) about stealing from the Mustard Seed for years. People whose worked closely with them in the past. Oh, I'm sure she did know about some of their minor indiscretions, but cut them slack for all the time they put in for volunteering. A lot of that stuff goes to drug addicts and thieves anyway so why not let it benefit those thieves who lend a helping hand a bit more. Ya I know, a sticky spot but hey, people do their best with what they've got and who's to say what I've been hearing is true. In my opinion though, those people like Dan simply disgust me by their cowardice and selfishness. {Ya... you heard me boy! LOL}

  The sad fact is that there are many who are just too cowardly, and love the status they've acquired over the years too much to jeopardize it by going to bat for someone no longer in a position to benefit them...

RIGHT?! Ya, You know who you are...

No, not you you silly salamander... I was talking to them... no... Them, ya, those people.

  Anyway, I'll get back to you later on that but in the meantime, and if you haven't seen it yet, read my recent post "Guess What!" and remember. They can ban me from their building and a good meal, they can tell people I'm just a disgruntled drug addict and homeless bum who just wants to stir up trouble. they can cut me to the bone, feed me to the wolfs and say he's made his choice. But they will never stop me from chasing the truth. You too should remember that some things are worth fighting for, no matter the cost or how little you may think your efforts will make the difference.
  One vote, one voice! Enjoy this video...





Friday, July 24, 2015

Kari Jobe - Revelation Song - Passion 2013

APD seeks people who threw fireworks at homeless man, setting him on fire |

APD seeks people who threw fireworks at homeless man, setting him on fire |

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Guess What!

   Hey! Guess what... I got banned from the Mustard Seed for practicing freedom of speech, for 2 weeks. lol. That manager mario, you know the one, ya... the guy who fired Maria... he informed me this very thing today. Reason stated is for writing untruths within the Mustard Seed building. HAHAHAHA! I will be sharing more on this later. Then when I asked him to see a copy of where it says in their policies that this is a valid reason for banning someone (not that I was), he said there is no such policy. But it is the "managers policies" of some sort of discretion or bullshit excuse. Keep digging corporate Mustard Seed, keep digging.

  You know... since I've become homeless I've gotten so many story ideas and have been wanting to post many different things. And I have been posting more this month if you've noticed. Not any main stories mind you but I have been working some on them.

  For now though I want to stay focused on my friend Maria. I love her very much simply because I know her heart, I know God has such an enormous love for her as well and I will not stop fighting for her as I know she lost her job fighting for us. So I ask all of you my friends, readers... christian and non-christian alike...

                        Please go to my Facebook page "Reinstate Maria", read up and click on the "Sign Up" button at the top of the page to be directed to our Petition site and show your support for one of God's most beloved servants.

Or go directly to:

Here is an excerpt from that "Reinstate Maria" page...

   It appears that management of the Mustard Seed is threatening to fire employees because I made a mistake in trying to share the petition site with all my friends but tagged some instead. ISN'T THAT A VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? And yet I've also come across many of you who say that you are afraid to sign because of such repercussions, because you don't really know her, because you still have to deal with the Mustard Seed.

N I V: 1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

Maria deserves better than your fears!
She deserves more than the fears of men in the symbolic suits. If you knew Maria, you would know love. Sure at one point a friend of mine nicknamed her "grumpy" but from my reading of Jesus' life I can hardly remember thinking of him as always joyously laughing. I picture Him somber and often serious, even to the point of extremely angry at one time at least. For dealing with people such as we day in and day out would be stressful and offer few occasions to smile or laugh. But I do remember her laughing, smiling and joking around.
Take the word of a man who only seeks truth and love in the hearts and minds of God's Children.
Maria is worthy of any sacrifice or repercussion which may come from signing a simple petition.
Which is the reason, result and price millions of soldiers paid upon countless battlefields across this great planet of ours. If you refuse to sign a petition out of fear, then you disgrace their sacrifices, Maria's sacrifices, as well as Our Lord's.

      Once again... please sign, share, share and share with your friends, family and co-workers.


Monday, July 20, 2015


It's been more than 48 hours and we've got a mere 9 signatures on my "Reinstate Maria" petition. What the heck is going on?! Am I part of only a few people who care about justice for our Christian sister? The Mustard Seed is up to something very wrong and we need to get to the bottom of it. Why has this Godly woman who serves and gives so much of herself to the poor and homeless just GONE! We need answers and I am imploring you to sign this petition so that she is simply just not forgotten and allow corporate suits to turn this Christian organization into a business. Or whatever they may be doing because I refuse to believe that this Godly woman deserves to be just thrown away as it appears!
Please sign a help us get our friend back where she belongs.

P.S.   Scroll down to previous post.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Please Help Us!

 Our Great Friend has been Fired!

   Maria L. has been with the Mustard Seed for more than16 years. She is the rock of this Edmonton organization for the poverty stricken and homeless. Maria is well loved by every one and we have started a neighborhood petition but I would like to make sure the powers that be truly hear and get the message. That "we" the community members and staff will not tolerate this wonderful woman who has put so much of herself, life and love into caring for the poor. We are totally unsure of why she was fired because no one is really talking but it is rumored that the head office wanted her to start putting in more hours, that she was fighting for a more relaxed and friendly
atmosphere for the community volunteers where as the head office want them to do more work with stricter rules. Whereas they are already feeling stretched as it is. It's no longer feeling like a joy to give their time but a job for which they get no pay and little gratitude. It is also my understanding that for the last volunteer appreciation party, the head office wanted to do away with the appreciation certificates and pins all together. They have a new head  manager for the Edmonton, Alberta branch of the Mustard Seed. His name is Mario and I've heard that he had a big hand in having Maria L. fired. Well I say this is the "gentleman"  who should be fired for trying to turn a home, a place of comfort and safety into a place of business and sterile love. There are a great deal of community members who are very upset at this horrible news. As well as outside volunteers and other staff members. Tears have been shed over the loss of our great friend and light of Jesus Christ in this dark part of a great city. So please add your voice to ours and help us fight the powers that be to get our loved one back to where she belongs. On the front lines with all the resources and authority she deserves to care for the least of these.
UPDATE: Apparently the excuse about the hours may be wrong, another source now says that she was asking for more hours but they wouldn't give them to her.
Yesterday, Friday July 17th. there was this meeting of the staff and the corporate heads told them
"NOT" to discuss the matter with any of the community members, even though they were not made aware of the reasons for letting maria go. Which by law is right but why have a meeting to discuss not discussing something they don't know is down right disgusting, don't you think?
Regardless of the reasons, Maria is greatly loved there. and if she did anything wrong or not, she deserves to be forgiven by this Christian organization. She deserves to carry on helping and loving the people she was called to help. Which is what all any of us on and off the streets of Edmonton has ever seen of her do. So fluff the corporates, and lets get her back.!
 Please go to this site to sign the petition.

I implore you, please take the steps to help us get our friend back. Please.

COMING SOON: A full and updated write up on this story. So keep in touch, sign the petition and share, share ,SHARE! LOL.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Native Pride


I've always wondered where break dancing truly originated, here is a glimpse at a possibility.

I've always thought that the Grizzly Bear was my spirit guide. When my mother past away many years ago, I had a dream of a Grizzly trying to communicate with me. His lips were moving as though he was talking to me face to face but I could not hear any words or sounds at that time.  Then another bear started to dance in the background, attempting to get my attention. Ya, weird right?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Street Poll: Who Will Win The Federal Election?



I'd vote green but in order to ensure those wingnuts don't win I think I'll help out the NDP's.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Confront Mount Polley Permit

    She says it beautifully here. The police are not here for the public interest, but the corporate interest.


Fire Evacuee Hospitality

News Feed

I have to share a story. To get it off my chest. I caught a ride with a young Dene man back to saskatoon from our work camp north east of LaLoche. There was no hesitation in him. "You are welcome to ride with me" he said. So in I went and our trip began. We talked about work, he's involved in the geology side of things. After passing the burnt out bush. We arrived at LaLoche and he invited me into his home. His friend would be joining us and be about an hour. While there we were out in the community and I gotta tell you I felt welcome I never felt threatened or different. Good mornings and hello's flowed from seemingly all I encountered. That's were I realized that a smile is the same in every language. His friend arrived and back on the road we went. During the drive there was a change in these young men. Not towards me but towards there destination. A black bandana was soon hung in the rear view so I asked "what's that about". With some hesitation I was told " it's the only way we can travel safely". Wtf??? Anyway. We arrived at North Battleford to one of the hotels up on the hill. A lot of his family and community had been evacuated there and he wanted to stop by and see how everyone was doing. It was not until that moment that racism and bigotry raised it's ugly head. Not towards me. But us white folk can sure be assholes. Little things. The hotel was pretty much filled with LaLoche evacuees that had been there 2 weeks or more. The hotel. This shitty little hotel had removed all the seating from the lobby and placed 2 security guards in there place. They had removed the chairs because the elders of the community would gather there during the day to meet and greet there fellow evacuees. To support them and share advice and news. Why would anyone take away that form of connection. That need for togetherness in there spirituality at a time like that. It sickens me. It may sound like nothing. Just a little thing. No big deal. But it was a big deal and what it really said was your not welcome. Your not one of us and that truly hurt. It hurt me so can you imagine how they felt. It was there I felt the tension. The distrust. The separation. Sad. So very sad. Is it colour that separates us. Is it ideas that separate us. Is it geography that separates us. Peel back the skin and we are all the same. We all feel pain. We all feel alone. Why do we work so hard to feel "better then". There are so many things designed to pull us apart. None so powerful as what's in our heart. I am greatful to these young men for not only the ride and wonderful hospitality. But for opening my eyes without saying a word. 
                                                                    Sean Murray

Monday, July 13, 2015

Don Burnstick - "Cuttin' Grass..."

  Have yourself a laugh on Don. Mr. Burnstick is a great comedian as well as a great
Canadian who he himself spent time on the streets of Edmonton back in 1984. A time when I was have a good time in grade 12 high school.
   I saw Don in Grand Prairie I believe, some years ago and laughed my ass off. After this short video with loads of laughter, click on the link to hear his story in his words.


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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Our 7 Ojibway Teachings:

War Dance Song - Powwow Songs Music Of The Plains Indians

TobyMac - Til The Day I Die (Lyric Video) ft. NF

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Indian Up

I'm so tired of Christians sitting by the wayside because they don't feel it's up to us do anything. It's God's responsibility they say. "We are not to go around protesting" they say. We are only to spread God's word.
I call bullshit!