Friday, January 8, 2016

the Bissell Stance

   Have a look at a sample of what we homeless deal with all the time. I get my mail through the Bissell center, along with many others. Good place, however....

My note to Eli, a contact name I received from their Adult Support office for which I got a false E-mail address, so I sent this out to a few staff members...
  {Hello Eli, my name is johnny lee. I am writing you because I have no access to a phone. I will not use the Adult services anymore because it's always a bad experience with that office with me. this time it wasn't all that bad but it was no help either. But that wasn't what I wanted to write you about. What I wanted to inquire about is the mailing system you have at the east building. Oh I'm sure you will say it's not your department but I'm writing you anyway because yours is the name I was given. I was going over there checking the mail for over a week for my Christmas bureau gift card which I never received. The woman running the desk said that cards would still arrive after christmas. Then when I found out it was mailed out on the 16th. So I went to her, naturally a little upset but at no time did I yell at her. I said to her that either they lost my mail, misplaced it, gave it to someone else or a staff member had stolen it. I mention stolen because my gift card was stolen last year. Anyway, as soon as I said stolen she immediately said she would not talk to me, because of that accusation and because I was upset. WELL! Of course I was upset that does not give her or anyone in her position to treat me or any of us like a child. TREAT US LIKE THAT AND THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!!!
Now I find out that my gift card is not the only one to have mysteriously disappeared!! WTF!! I would like something done to rectify this matter as soon as possible before other actions are taken. Thank you and I look forward to your response.
johnny lee }

RE: mailing inquiry
Matt Ashdown (
Add to contacts
To: johnny lee

Hi Johnny,

Thank you for your email. Did you intend this for Eli Shraeder or for me? Nevertheless, I will review the agreement that you would have signed when you started receiving mail with us as well as our policies and will respond to you within 48 hours.


 johnny lee
12:58 PM 

To: Matt Ashdown
figures you'd say something like that. Don't care about what happened... just care about covering your asses. there's more than just your crooked legal system to get things done Mr. paperwork

UPDATE: I got ripped off $3 on my Christmas Bureau gift card today. I made a purchase just yesterday to which the clerk circled the balance of $14.15. Today as I was about to make another purchase on that card. There was only $11.15 on it. How about that eh. I wonder how many other people this happens to. Well, no more save on anymore, and no more Christmas Bureau bullshit for me. It was headache enough since that's two cards stolen from me in two years. This card to which I speak was a replacement card from the Edmonton Bissell Center. I must publicly thank them for rectifying THAT little matter to which I am very thankful after what happened.... They wrot me a nice little apology and are doing an investigation into the matter so that it doesn't happen again. Thank you Bissell Center. To bad it took what it took. Anywho, Peace out!

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