Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas

The story I said I was writing won't be posted till after the 25th.
I thought it for the best. but here are some interesting videos I would like you to watch in keeping with the Spirit of the season. God bless you.

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Heartbreaking Story

I will be posting a Christmas story before the 25th. Keep an eye out for it, in the mean time though.
Please take the time to listen to this heartbreaking story.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Just sit back, and Enjoy.

Holly Starr - God is

NewSong - Who Loved You First

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making it in Higher Learning

Here is a result of an interview I did for a Grant MacEwan Student studying to be a Journalist. A few facts were in error but they didn't have much bearing to her story and I may had not been clear enough  on those... so I told her no biggy. They were minor details about the kids' age and working temp. agencies most of my life but I figured it has no bearing for her needs, so we'll let those slide... I suppose. It's too bad she didn't make me much younger though, lol.
   Please enjoy Gabrielle Browns' article on homelessness.


Hi Johnny!

I just wanted to let you know that the story I interviewed you for was edited and put up on the new MacEwan journalism website today. Here's a link to it:

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. :) 
               All the best,

In Regards To a Comment

Hello Johnny Lee, I have been following your blog ever since I read about it in Alberta Street News and I would love to write about you, your blog, and the book you are working on, for a news class I am currently enrolled in at **** ******** University.(My finished article will be part of a contest to be featured on a new Journalism student news website and the *****. The questions you ask in this post are at the heart of what I want to write about. I want to make sure people understand what it's like to be homeless and understand that it could honestly happen to anyone--even them or their family members. I hope to inspire people to give back to their community, if they can, and be more kind and considerate in general.

[ Dear G. B.

   Thank you for your readership and kind heart. I would love to meet with you... Please E-mail me at johnnyluvsJesus@hotmail.com with details.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Upping the Ante

I subscribe to "Upworthy" because they bring to light many issues which should be addressed.
Here is an example...

 Here is another you might be interested in...

Check out the site yourself... get involved with your world.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Possibly Too Late

Here is a link to an important story about the Harper Gov. and social media. When you pay your taxes, did you think you were investing to be spied upon? Some may say that it's in the best interest of our counties safety. Seriously... do you really believe that shit? It's more about controlling the future of a countries citizens and you know it. I believe not necessarily for the betterment of it's citizens, but more for the money hungry elite.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Common Canada, Wake up!

Common Canada... Wake up and see how free we really aren't!

"This video has gone viral. Some people sharing it don't know the story behind it. There has been an anti-fracking protest taking place for a few months in New Brunswick. This protest has been supported by Acadians, Anglophones, and Mi'kmaq First Nations in the area. For about 3 weeks, protesters had blocked off the entrance to a compound where SWN (a fracking company) was holding their trucks and equipment. SWN got an injunction to have these protestors removed. Police had not enforced the injunction for several days. This night before this took place, the main van that was blocking the compound was removed. So it was no longer blocked. The injunction was for the entrance to the compound. In the dawn hours of that morning, over 200 RCMP with weapons drawn and U.S. military snipers with automatic assault rifles and K-9 units snuck onto the private property located across the road from the compound where the protesters were sleeping in tents. By this time it was mainly Mi'kmaq warriors (many youth) who were staying at the protest over night. They awoke to rifles and guns being pointed at them. They were no longer blocking the entrance to the compound, and the RCMP say they were there to enforce the injunction, but they made arrests on private property that was not listed in the injunction. Word got out quickly that this was happening and their families and community members came to support them, but they were met and stopped by a line of RCMP. People were screaming "my kids are in there!" as they heard shots being fired in the woods. Once the RCMP had the warriors on the ground and handcuffed, they stomped on their heads. Many of them are still in jail and they have concussions. One female warrior was released, and she had to go to the hospital after her appearance in court. One warrior who was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet is suffering from internal bleeding and may have his leg amputated. Where the supporters were trying to reach their family members, emotions were running high and RCMP began attacking these unarmed supporters. An elderly woman was praying with rosary beads when whe was pepper sprayed in the eyes. Mi'kmaq supporters prayed and sang with their drums and eagle feathers while RCMP used excessive force. They fired shots, and pointed assault rifles at unarmed elders, women, and youth. They fired rubber bullets at people. They pepper sprayed people. They used batons and riot gear to move the crowd. They would single out women when they were alone and throw them to the ground, man handle them and arrest them. One Mi'kmaq lawyer was thrown to the ground, man-handled and arrested while she was waving a white flag. All of this because they were trying to protect the water for future generations of ALL Canadians." - Buffy Peters (my sister)

{ More related stuff}

Thanks for taking action to stop the slow destruction of Canada’s environment

To: johnnyluvsJesus@hotmail.com

Thanks for taking action! If we want our MPs to put people over pipelines, they’re going to need to hear about this from everyone. Send the email below to everyone you know and let’s stop the slow and silent destruction of Canada’s environment!

Thank you!
The Avaaz team


Dear friends,

Our pipeline-loving government is tearing up the country to pump dirty tar from the heart of Alberta all around the world. We elect our politicians to represent us, not Big Oil -- and now we have a real chance to finally make them stand for people over pipelines.

Harper’s latest project would ram an 1,177 km oil pipeline from Alberta straight through the heart of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest, to be sent overseas for refining. But a new bill in Parliament would ban the dangerous mega-tankers needed to do it, sinking this reckless plan before it sets sail -- and we know exactly how to get it passed.

When 50,000 people sign on, we’ll run a massive ad campaign in western ridings that face the greatest risk -- and that might hold the key to the next Canadian election. The message to these MPs will be clear: people over pipelines. Vote for the people you serve, or you will lose your job.


13 Conservative votes are needed to pass the bill and stop Harper’s slow destruction of Canada’s environment. And with the people of BC and Alberta standing up against pipeline politics, insiders say that this issue might turn the next election, leaving western Tory MPs between a rock and a hard place -- and giving us the chance to have them vote for the bill or explain why they’re putting the party and the oil barons ahead of the people that elected them.

Enbridge insists that their Northern Gateway pipeline will be safe, but their pipes have spilled over 800 times in the last decade alone. And with Harper’s approval, the BC coast is about to see 220 monstrous tankers weave their way through a minefield of islands and inlets every year. Pipelines leak and tankers crash and when they do, they catastrophically and irreversibly destroy the environment -- and put us all at risk.

Click now to take back our voice, and tell our politicians it’s time they represent us, not mega-rich foreign oil interests: it’s people over pipelines:


This won’t be easy -- Harper stopped listening to Canadians a long time ago. But with their jobs on the line, these MPs could change course and rescue their people, our country, and our planet from ecological destruction. Our movement has never been stronger - let’s take action.

With hope,

Danny, Emma, Ari, Ricken, Melanie and the whole Avaaz team

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Racism at its Finest

Please read this story by the Edmonton Journal about a spiritual elder who was banned from the City Center mall just for being seen associating with others who were banned. However, it was his job and calling to do so.


[In an unrelated story]

Ryan Arcand
A 30 year veteran of Edmonton city streets

See entire story and amazing related videos at...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nobody realized truth about 'homeless' people

   Would you give notice to a loved one if they became homeless? Have you given "the least of these" even a second thought lately other than on Sunday sitting in a church building.  When you do notice those who are "Un conformed" do you glance with a smile or simply flash a scowl as you pass by??
   Let me ask you this final but extremely important question... Do you have the mind of Christ... or a mind for things of this world?


   Jason Grey- "Every act of Love"

Monday, September 22, 2014

Still gettin' busy in da Media!

 Hey folks,

  Getting out there in defense of our environment is crucial. If we don't put a voice or an action to the words then that is all it will be... just words.

  The sad thing I noticed is that other than a small handful, there were hardly any of my First Nation brethren out there to show support for mother Earth. Sad, simply sad to see.

  Just the same though... see if you can spot me (in the blue shirt) near the beginning and at the end of this CTV's news footage of the Edmonton's Climate Change March in the link below.


(Hover over link and click)
Edmonton rally calls for action on climate change | CTV Edmonton News

                        Here is that link for that CBC.Radio segment on Lady Flower garden.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gettin' busy in da Media!


   Not only was I in Mondays edition of the Edmonton Journal, which you can check out in the link below. But I will also be on CBC radio (93.9) in the next few days somewhere between 3-6 pm. (update: between 22-26 possibly). The Journal story is in regards to the Downtown Men's Choir. Then the "Inner Voice" choir will be starting up again in October which I am also apart of. The radio segment is about Lady Flower Garden.

    Apparently a very pretty reporter with the same lovely name as my mother, Isabel. Just so happened to have read my article about the garden and decided to do a show about it. So very cool. Naturally others will be among the garden interviewees but I'm sure my voice will be the most angelic, LOL!

    I'm gonna try and find out exactly when it will air and post it on my blog Facebook page and Twitter at "johnnyluvlee" so you might have a listen but who knows. I just think it's cool my name has been showing up so much in the media in such a short period of time.

    Praise God... and not necessarily for the notoriety, but for the fact that our Lord uses me to get a message out there for the homeless, addicted and what some may view as the less fortunate. To show people that we are not useless or unworthy. For I do not see the "less fortunate" as so. In many ways we are more fortunate than those with plenty in terms of the material. For we with little, appreciate all the more of that which really matters.

(just hover cursor over "Singing in a..." and click).
                            Singing in a choir helps men lost in transition (with video)          

Sunday, August 24, 2014

update to the last update which I deleted this date

I must apologize to everyone, I got a little heated cuz a bit was edited out of my garden story but the problem has been rectified after a short correspondence to the editor. I can be such an ass at times as some of you may very well know. I cried like a baby and got my way, hahahahaha.
  Well it wasn't quite like that but close.  The part that was edited out I felt was important for people to understand that addicts have talent as well as a heart just like anyone else. Well... like most anyway, lol.
  No worries though cuz that part has been returned to its rightful place. Praise God and thank you to the editor for understanding and putting up with my bullsneeze.
  But this is what and who I write for. The addicts, the homeless and the "least of these". I write for the Lord God Almighty by His grace and I just hope that everyone all across the world, will someday see us the way God does, with love and understanding. Without separation.

P.S. My article will be in the Sept. 1st. issue! and go ahead, check out Amy Grant's cool tune.


Monday, August 18, 2014

CBC Radio segment & Garden Pics

 Here is that radio segment link about The garden along with some pictures.  Please enjoy.

Inner Voice at the Church Street Fair

Thursday, July 31, 2014

till next time

I am still writing and have just submitted an article which will be in the next issue of the Boyle Mccauley news. More stories will be release with my new web site comming out before the end of the year. Thanx


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We meet again Old Foe

   It may be hidden just below the surface but it is still very much alive and not so well in this day and age. I've encountered two negative comments about natives in as many days. One on Monday when I was volunteering at the Mustard Seed behind the coffee bar when I didn't allow an elderly gentleman to butt in line. Which, as far as I know, is policy for everyone not to butt in line. He comments " typical Indian!"

   Another Tuesday at a barbeque when a girl felt upset towards another for uncertain reasons, who happened to be native and this first girl says to me something to the effect that she couldn't stand "ugly natives" . well she cut herself off near the end of the "natives" word because I'm sure she realized who she was talking to. funny huh? twice the native girl overheard these comments then simply and calmly confronted the other and said " if you can't say anything nice don't say anything" and " why can't you be nice to me? either stay away from me or shut your mouth." 

  Then today, the meany in question attempted to apologize to me but once again tripped over her ignorance when i said to her she should not have said such a thing about the other girl., calling her an "ugly native". Her response was "SO!" which was to say she was sorry about her behavior but not the racial comment, or vice-versa. Funny thing is though that any intelligent human being would know that the two went hand in hand.

   Now, the next time you think the world we live in has grown and is better than it was... consider what lies bellow the hearts of those around you... as well as what lies within your own. Walk a mile in our moccasins and witness the truth about our "civilized society".

 feeling irritated.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

hello again!

  Hello Demo Crew!

   It was a good little speech/interview i had today at the Mustard Seed. If you may recall a story i wrote called "I met an Angel". I wrote about a group from the States here to see about the street life here and Edmonton and generally learn and serve for the Kingdom of God.
  Well I met a group from Calgary [(booooo) just kidding! lol, they were a lovely group of young women.] and talked about my life and my opinion about church and street life in general. As I said, it was a good experience. I believe that this sort of thing is great and truly an important aspect in the furthering and accomplishing His will in the world we live in today. It helps a new generation in understanding more and getting in touch with "the least of these".
  There should be more church groups doing things like this. getting their hands dirty and up close and personal with those we are called to serve. I've witnessed to much indifference in the church community towards us to say things are ok. they talk and talk about loving the least of these and helping out by putting and little coin in the kitty but when the rubber hits the road,  they only see us as an end to a means. "Oh. I've given some time and/or money so I'm good in God's eyes"... HA!, bullshit. It doesn't work that way. Our Father's no push over so get your head out of you ass  and see us just as you should. Just like you. flawed and broken in need of a friend, a real friend who doesn't see us as a stepping stone to some psychology degree or the like. sit with us a while, share a cup of coffee and a conversation. share your love with us and be sincere. We can sense the holier than thou so if you feel superior, then stay home cuz we don't need or want you. what we need are those like the ones I've met today who want to help, to serve... and who want to understand what it really means to be apart of the kingdom of God.
  After feeling a little discouraged for a time... today was a good day.
                                                                                            Thank you Father.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Can I move in with you?

  Well , I guess I'm not gonna be homeless anymore. I am currently looking for a place. I am getting on medical assistance because of my knee. I don't think I've mentioned too much of this to you folks and had planned to write about it it the infamous story i have been telling you about but have not been working on because my laptop is down due to a broken charger chord. Ya I know they're cheap but when you have no income at all it might as well be a couple hundred rather than $10-$20 for a cheap or second hand one. The point is, According to the MRI results which I've just received, I have extensive tearing in my #%$^@!^&*@#%&^%$. That's what I said. It's some technical term for my knee is *&@#%^!

  Once I find a place to move into I will get between $800-$900 to pay the rent and buy a few things. I can get that charger and start writing the real meat and potatoes of our blog/web-site. I am still who God created be to be so just because I will be getting back into mainstream society does not mean I will be leaving my peeps behind, I love those people. They are the closest thing to the children for which Jesus came to save us in the first place. They are the people who are always being left behind and overlooked, lied to shuffled around and neglected. Even by those who wanted to help, that's right... there are those who have choosen a profession to help those in need, but as time went by it was revealed that it is the status rather than love that drew their attention to that calling. Perhaps they were just looking for that noble job but got tired of the reality of it.
  Whatever the case, I have discovered  this year in my journey that there are many people that who are supposed to help those in need, are simply just putting in their time. I will be writing about that in the future as well. For now here is something for you to look at and consider.

                                 All da luv,   johnnyluv


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here we go... again.

    Well it's mardi-gras once more in downtown Edmonton. The junkies and crack heads are happy... for a day. The speed freaks are happy... for a couple days. And the drunks are happy... for a few more days. Me, well I'm kinda always happy... somewhat, of sorts. the government is never happy and God... well right now He just might be looking down, shaking his head and saying... johnny johnny johnny, what am I gonna do with you. lol. love you Pops!
  the last couple nights have been nuts at the Herb (men"s shelter). One evening there were fights over over a bed and last night a couple boys came in after midnight and, obviously after getting high in the washroom, began tweeking and jones-ing. Tweeking is shuffling through their belongings for nothing in particular and playing and taking apart objects, starring at the walls with wides eyes and listening for strange sounds. Jones-ing is buddy there crawling around on the floor with a flashlight, scraping the floor with his hand in the hopes that some crack would magically appear there. Oh what fun to watch, reminiscing of the hours I've spent doing the same thing. Feeling pity, feeling remorse... feeling... disgust and hate and anger and how could I have been so weak. And that's just how I felt.
  Oh well, that was then and this now... today, I am a man. Today... I am much of the man I hope our Lord intended me to be. Today... I am...


                                           Feel welcome to have a look at this cool message.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hi there!

As you may notice I've made a few changes today to the site due to some confusion. Common folks, when I said to add your suggestions and comments I wasn't just blowing smoke up your butts, lol. This is OUR site... yours and mine, so lets work together, add your suggestions, put on a smile and send me lots and lots of money, lol. Just kidding...  keep coming back and look around, I change things around tweak and add stuff. I'm learning all of this too as I go so have patience. The web design course I took was mostly for businesses and not for a site like mine cuz I'm special just like my mommy said I was. Check out the first video I've downloaded directly onto our site. It's from another site but I think it has a good message for all, remember... I'm not in this for me... I'm in it for YOU and our Lord. God bless.

*Disclaimer : Someday I wouldn't mind putting ads and such here so I could make a little dough. After all, this work is apart of my retirement plan and my YES. And I probably will post some banking info so you can send me LOTS AND LOTS......................AND LOTS OF CASH! Mooahahahah!.

*Another Disclaimer: Just kidding about the cash, lol.
                                               all da luv,    johnnyluv

Sunday, January 12, 2014

An afternoon with my grandson

I had a great time with my grandson Brady today,(Wed, Jan. 8th.). He can lift
one eyebrow like my daughter Crystal and I already, so cool

What do yo mean I didn't signal back there?!



                                                              Here the little man is givin' me what for.
                                                                      So glad I didn't get out of my car.
                                                                            You see the guns on this boy?

My Grandson heard I joined the Downtown's Mens Choir as well as The Inner Voice, a new singing group project. Naturally he figured on sharing his expertise with some vocal techniques. I do sound slightly better, at least nobody plugs their ears anymore.

Thanx Brady.

I can hardly remember
being so happy.

Crystal is such a great mom, I could not be more proud.

Love you so much my girl.