Saturday, February 27, 2016

Casting Crowns - Slow Fade

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Truth and Reconciliation is NOT a Place for Profit

   Why are there so many people and organizations profiting from Truth and Reconciliation? Like the University of Alberta and Life Skills Journey Program in Edmonton?

   I've been talking to people who have been, are going down this road and see the same thing happening in other countries. Truth and Reconciliation has become a big money making joke. Nothing really changes unless we demand it and do it in a way that those who have been doing the oppressing... PAY! Such as the educational system. NOT THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ON THE RECEIVING END OF OPPRESSION!

  I've gotten a response to this posting by a facilitator and they tried to tell me that the money was going to pay for the room and the panelists in the workshop. Two of which were Indigenous. Well let me see, $125 + GST. per person. JUST HOW MUCH DOES THIS DAMN ROOM COST!

  And as an educational institution which has been part of the historical cover up concerning indigenous histories. They could provide the darn room for free as the least they could do now that the truth is coming out concerning their perceived ignorance regarding the residential school system and genocide of my people's... Higher learning my ass. And if these panelists truly cared about furthering the cause of reconciliation. They wouldn't be asking for so much of a paycheck to do it. It's not like it was their career choice to be panelists on such an important issue.

  I said it once and I'll say it again... We must be careful of those who are going to jump on this TRC bandwagon just in order to make a name for themselves, make money.. or water down the truth in order to keep the status quo.




 I just came from a meeting with a representative from the U of A and what I heard did have some merits. such as we have to begin changing the colonial mindset through love and seeking allies with those who have taken part in the oppression of my peoples. This is regards to some angered comments about the U of A profiting from the Truth and Reconciliation(See above), which they are by holding meetings and discussion panels on their property. one coming up will cost $125. this is so ridiculous. I told them they should be providing the space at no cost if they are serious about reconciliation. anything else is anti-reconciliation. But hey, in my view they don't care. it's just the perceived appearance that they care by holding these meetings. As long as it doesn't cost them anything, and hey if they make a profit while looking good to the public... why not, right. Damn sick if you ask me. If they are not willing to kick in by means of some real space on their property and real time allotment, then I say we hold these meetings someplace else.


the Maasai Warrior

   In the upcoming film “The Visioneer” about XPrize creator Peter Diamandis. Former American President Bill Clinton, who is interviewing Peter, responds to a comment from Peter about how a Maasai Warrior in Kenya has access to more “knowledge and information” on a smart phone that he, the president, had 20 years previous. And his response to that comment was… “That’s a frightening thought”…  Ya, he really said that!
  Now in my opinion, this has got to be the epitome of ignorance. Personally I would love to have a Masasai warrior to replace all the presidents of years past. Well, either one of them or more preferable, a Cree warrior. At least we would have more respect for the Earth and each other. And remember folks, Hillary is married to this dildo and she’s currently running for president of the united states. Now that is a frightening thought.
  And during that same interview... Peter talks about how people focus on the negative in the news. But the the numbers say things are better than what is perceived. That the cost of food is going down as well as the cost of energy. Now what kind of freakin' privileged bubble is this wingnut living in? At the time that this video was made, oil and gas prices were still high and the price of food is still skyrocketing. So who is he trying to kid? And as far as current gas prices go... sure it's gone down a lot, but that's only because of the climate summit in 2015 and the shift in people's thinking when it comes to cleaner energy sources. So as we look to how the low gas prices are affecting consumerism now... People have stopped buying electric, hybrid and energy efficient vehicles and are going back to gas guzzling trucks! WTF!! Lemmings, all of ya! Don't you remember what the real scientists have been saying! "ALL FOSSIL FUELS NEED TO STAY IN THE GROUND IF WE HAVE ANY HOPE TO SAVE A FUTURE FOR OUR DESCENDANTS!!! Damn you people piss me off.
   Well, that's my rant for today. Sorry about my tone but hey... wake up people and remember that the mainstream media is owned by those that have been selling us the same lies for decades. The same people sort of who have been trying to kill Indigenous peoples for hundreds of years. And the same ones who make you pay outrageous taxes for wars that benefit only the big corporations and private banks.

 (excerpt from
Life of a Maasai Warrior
Our way of life is still very close to that of our ancestors, our society is organized in the same way and modernity has not affected us much yet. We are semi-nomadic pastoralists: our livestock is our livelihood. Our whole society revolves around our cows, sheep and goats, as it did for our forefathers.
Warriors, all the young men in our community, are in charge of protecting livestock from predators and enemies, and, these days, of taking cattle to far away pastures during the dry season. Women and children look after goats and sheep, that are more resilient and can remain near the homesteads also during the dry spells- thus always providing milk and meat for the family. Elders keep peace and harmony in our community, settling disputes, administering justice, negotiating with neighboring tribes and these days with the local administrations.