Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hi there!

As you may notice I've made a few changes today to the site due to some confusion. Common folks, when I said to add your suggestions and comments I wasn't just blowing smoke up your butts, lol. This is OUR site... yours and mine, so lets work together, add your suggestions, put on a smile and send me lots and lots of money, lol. Just kidding...  keep coming back and look around, I change things around tweak and add stuff. I'm learning all of this too as I go so have patience. The web design course I took was mostly for businesses and not for a site like mine cuz I'm special just like my mommy said I was. Check out the first video I've downloaded directly onto our site. It's from another site but I think it has a good message for all, remember... I'm not in this for me... I'm in it for YOU and our Lord. God bless.

*Disclaimer : Someday I wouldn't mind putting ads and such here so I could make a little dough. After all, this work is apart of my retirement plan and my YES. And I probably will post some banking info so you can send me LOTS AND LOTS......................AND LOTS OF CASH! Mooahahahah!.

*Another Disclaimer: Just kidding about the cash, lol.
                                               all da luv,    johnnyluv

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