Wednesday, July 9, 2014

hello again!

  Hello Demo Crew!

   It was a good little speech/interview i had today at the Mustard Seed. If you may recall a story i wrote called "I met an Angel". I wrote about a group from the States here to see about the street life here and Edmonton and generally learn and serve for the Kingdom of God.
  Well I met a group from Calgary [(booooo) just kidding! lol, they were a lovely group of young women.] and talked about my life and my opinion about church and street life in general. As I said, it was a good experience. I believe that this sort of thing is great and truly an important aspect in the furthering and accomplishing His will in the world we live in today. It helps a new generation in understanding more and getting in touch with "the least of these".
  There should be more church groups doing things like this. getting their hands dirty and up close and personal with those we are called to serve. I've witnessed to much indifference in the church community towards us to say things are ok. they talk and talk about loving the least of these and helping out by putting and little coin in the kitty but when the rubber hits the road,  they only see us as an end to a means. "Oh. I've given some time and/or money so I'm good in God's eyes"... HA!, bullshit. It doesn't work that way. Our Father's no push over so get your head out of you ass  and see us just as you should. Just like you. flawed and broken in need of a friend, a real friend who doesn't see us as a stepping stone to some psychology degree or the like. sit with us a while, share a cup of coffee and a conversation. share your love with us and be sincere. We can sense the holier than thou so if you feel superior, then stay home cuz we don't need or want you. what we need are those like the ones I've met today who want to help, to serve... and who want to understand what it really means to be apart of the kingdom of God.
  After feeling a little discouraged for a time... today was a good day.
                                                                                            Thank you Father.


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