Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gettin' busy in da Media!

   Not only was I in Mondays edition of the Edmonton Journal, which you can check out in the link below. But I will also be on CBC radio (93.9) in the next few days somewhere between 3-6 pm. (update: between 22-26 possibly). The Journal story is in regards to the Downtown Men's Choir. Then the "Inner Voice" choir will be starting up again in October which I am also apart of. The radio segment is about Lady Flower Garden.

    Apparently a very pretty reporter with the same lovely name as my mother, Isabel. Just so happened to have read my article about the garden and decided to do a show about it. So very cool. Naturally others will be among the garden interviewees but I'm sure my voice will be the most angelic, LOL!

    I'm gonna try and find out exactly when it will air and post it on my blog Facebook page and Twitter at "johnnyluvlee" so you might have a listen but who knows. I just think it's cool my name has been showing up so much in the media in such a short period of time.

    Praise God... and not necessarily for the notoriety, but for the fact that our Lord uses me to get a message out there for the homeless, addicted and what some may view as the less fortunate. To show people that we are not useless or unworthy. For I do not see the "less fortunate" as so. In many ways we are more fortunate than those with plenty in terms of the material. For we with little, appreciate all the more of that which really matters.

(just hover cursor over "Singing in a..." and click).
                            Singing in a choir helps men lost in transition (with video)          

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  1. Hi Johnny, it's Isabelle from CBC. I will definitely let you know when the story will air and then get you the audio link as well. Great to meet you yesterday!


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