Thursday, November 6, 2014

Common Canada, Wake up!

Common Canada... Wake up and see how free we really aren't!

"This video has gone viral. Some people sharing it don't know the story behind it. There has been an anti-fracking protest taking place for a few months in New Brunswick. This protest has been supported by Acadians, Anglophones, and Mi'kmaq First Nations in the area. For about 3 weeks, protesters had blocked off the entrance to a compound where SWN (a fracking company) was holding their trucks and equipment. SWN got an injunction to have these protestors removed. Police had not enforced the injunction for several days. This night before this took place, the main van that was blocking the compound was removed. So it was no longer blocked. The injunction was for the entrance to the compound. In the dawn hours of that morning, over 200 RCMP with weapons drawn and U.S. military snipers with automatic assault rifles and K-9 units snuck onto the private property located across the road from the compound where the protesters were sleeping in tents. By this time it was mainly Mi'kmaq warriors (many youth) who were staying at the protest over night. They awoke to rifles and guns being pointed at them. They were no longer blocking the entrance to the compound, and the RCMP say they were there to enforce the injunction, but they made arrests on private property that was not listed in the injunction. Word got out quickly that this was happening and their families and community members came to support them, but they were met and stopped by a line of RCMP. People were screaming "my kids are in there!" as they heard shots being fired in the woods. Once the RCMP had the warriors on the ground and handcuffed, they stomped on their heads. Many of them are still in jail and they have concussions. One female warrior was released, and she had to go to the hospital after her appearance in court. One warrior who was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet is suffering from internal bleeding and may have his leg amputated. Where the supporters were trying to reach their family members, emotions were running high and RCMP began attacking these unarmed supporters. An elderly woman was praying with rosary beads when whe was pepper sprayed in the eyes. Mi'kmaq supporters prayed and sang with their drums and eagle feathers while RCMP used excessive force. They fired shots, and pointed assault rifles at unarmed elders, women, and youth. They fired rubber bullets at people. They pepper sprayed people. They used batons and riot gear to move the crowd. They would single out women when they were alone and throw them to the ground, man handle them and arrest them. One Mi'kmaq lawyer was thrown to the ground, man-handled and arrested while she was waving a white flag. All of this because they were trying to protect the water for future generations of ALL Canadians." - Buffy Peters (my sister)

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Thanks for taking action to stop the slow destruction of Canada’s environment


Thanks for taking action! If we want our MPs to put people over pipelines, they’re going to need to hear about this from everyone. Send the email below to everyone you know and let’s stop the slow and silent destruction of Canada’s environment!

Thank you!
The Avaaz team


Dear friends,

Our pipeline-loving government is tearing up the country to pump dirty tar from the heart of Alberta all around the world. We elect our politicians to represent us, not Big Oil -- and now we have a real chance to finally make them stand for people over pipelines.

Harper’s latest project would ram an 1,177 km oil pipeline from Alberta straight through the heart of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest, to be sent overseas for refining. But a new bill in Parliament would ban the dangerous mega-tankers needed to do it, sinking this reckless plan before it sets sail -- and we know exactly how to get it passed.

When 50,000 people sign on, we’ll run a massive ad campaign in western ridings that face the greatest risk -- and that might hold the key to the next Canadian election. The message to these MPs will be clear: people over pipelines. Vote for the people you serve, or you will lose your job.

13 Conservative votes are needed to pass the bill and stop Harper’s slow destruction of Canada’s environment. And with the people of BC and Alberta standing up against pipeline politics, insiders say that this issue might turn the next election, leaving western Tory MPs between a rock and a hard place -- and giving us the chance to have them vote for the bill or explain why they’re putting the party and the oil barons ahead of the people that elected them.

Enbridge insists that their Northern Gateway pipeline will be safe, but their pipes have spilled over 800 times in the last decade alone. And with Harper’s approval, the BC coast is about to see 220 monstrous tankers weave their way through a minefield of islands and inlets every year. Pipelines leak and tankers crash and when they do, they catastrophically and irreversibly destroy the environment -- and put us all at risk.

Click now to take back our voice, and tell our politicians it’s time they represent us, not mega-rich foreign oil interests: it’s people over pipelines:

This won’t be easy -- Harper stopped listening to Canadians a long time ago. But with their jobs on the line, these MPs could change course and rescue their people, our country, and our planet from ecological destruction. Our movement has never been stronger - let’s take action.

With hope,

Danny, Emma, Ari, Ricken, Melanie and the whole Avaaz team

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