Sunday, January 12, 2014

An afternoon with my grandson

I had a great time with my grandson Brady today,(Wed, Jan. 8th.). He can lift
one eyebrow like my daughter Crystal and I already, so cool

What do yo mean I didn't signal back there?!



                                                              Here the little man is givin' me what for.
                                                                      So glad I didn't get out of my car.
                                                                            You see the guns on this boy?

My Grandson heard I joined the Downtown's Mens Choir as well as The Inner Voice, a new singing group project. Naturally he figured on sharing his expertise with some vocal techniques. I do sound slightly better, at least nobody plugs their ears anymore.

Thanx Brady.

I can hardly remember
being so happy.

Crystal is such a great mom, I could not be more proud.

Love you so much my girl.

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