Friday, July 17, 2015

Please Help Us!

 Our Great Friend has been Fired!

   Maria L. has been with the Mustard Seed for more than16 years. She is the rock of this Edmonton organization for the poverty stricken and homeless. Maria is well loved by every one and we have started a neighborhood petition but I would like to make sure the powers that be truly hear and get the message. That "we" the community members and staff will not tolerate this wonderful woman who has put so much of herself, life and love into caring for the poor. We are totally unsure of why she was fired because no one is really talking but it is rumored that the head office wanted her to start putting in more hours, that she was fighting for a more relaxed and friendly
atmosphere for the community volunteers where as the head office want them to do more work with stricter rules. Whereas they are already feeling stretched as it is. It's no longer feeling like a joy to give their time but a job for which they get no pay and little gratitude. It is also my understanding that for the last volunteer appreciation party, the head office wanted to do away with the appreciation certificates and pins all together. They have a new head  manager for the Edmonton, Alberta branch of the Mustard Seed. His name is Mario and I've heard that he had a big hand in having Maria L. fired. Well I say this is the "gentleman"  who should be fired for trying to turn a home, a place of comfort and safety into a place of business and sterile love. There are a great deal of community members who are very upset at this horrible news. As well as outside volunteers and other staff members. Tears have been shed over the loss of our great friend and light of Jesus Christ in this dark part of a great city. So please add your voice to ours and help us fight the powers that be to get our loved one back to where she belongs. On the front lines with all the resources and authority she deserves to care for the least of these.
UPDATE: Apparently the excuse about the hours may be wrong, another source now says that she was asking for more hours but they wouldn't give them to her.
Yesterday, Friday July 17th. there was this meeting of the staff and the corporate heads told them
"NOT" to discuss the matter with any of the community members, even though they were not made aware of the reasons for letting maria go. Which by law is right but why have a meeting to discuss not discussing something they don't know is down right disgusting, don't you think?
Regardless of the reasons, Maria is greatly loved there. and if she did anything wrong or not, she deserves to be forgiven by this Christian organization. She deserves to carry on helping and loving the people she was called to help. Which is what all any of us on and off the streets of Edmonton has ever seen of her do. So fluff the corporates, and lets get her back.!
 Please go to this site to sign the petition.

I implore you, please take the steps to help us get our friend back. Please.

COMING SOON: A full and updated write up on this story. So keep in touch, sign the petition and share, share ,SHARE! LOL.


  1. Ezekiel 34
    Pray for your leaders!

    1. My sentiments exactly. Thank you so much for your insight.


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