Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Apologies/Be Patient

 I must apologize once again for being so slow and mistaking my release dates for posts. I promised you the write-up for my "Reinstate Maria" Petition but it's not quite ready. I am waiting on some possible new information regarding some interesting facts. The back story to this just keeps getting more interesting by the day.  Give me till Monday evening and I will have whatever I've got out to you regardless of whatever shape it is in.

  I'm not sure if many of you people are listening or caring anyway going by the results of the petition. We're talking only a measly 26 signatures in a week?! Completely Pathetic results for a woman like Maria.

   I mean, I know I've gotten a few people who say things like "perhaps it's for the best, maybe she doesn't want to come back, I didn't really know her, the corporate heads must know what their doing..." and the like. Seriously...? That's ostrich talk and you know it. I've got one guy who's benefited by Maria's generous nature for years and now (DAN) just abandons her when she's in need.

  I wonder if she would have helped him so much if she knew what some people are telling me about him and some of his little crew(not all) about stealing from the Mustard Seed for years. People whose worked closely with them in the past. Oh, I'm sure she did know about some of their minor indiscretions, but cut them slack for all the time they put in for volunteering. A lot of that stuff goes to drug addicts and thieves anyway so why not let it benefit those thieves who lend a helping hand a bit more. Ya I know, a sticky spot but hey, people do their best with what they've got and who's to say what I've been hearing is true. In my opinion though, those people like Dan simply disgust me by their cowardice and selfishness. {Ya... you heard me boy! LOL}

  The sad fact is that there are many who are just too cowardly, and love the status they've acquired over the years too much to jeopardize it by going to bat for someone no longer in a position to benefit them...

RIGHT?! Ya, You know who you are...

No, not you you silly salamander... I was talking to them... no... Them, ya, those people.

  Anyway, I'll get back to you later on that but in the meantime, and if you haven't seen it yet, read my recent post "Guess What!" and remember. They can ban me from their building and a good meal, they can tell people I'm just a disgruntled drug addict and homeless bum who just wants to stir up trouble. they can cut me to the bone, feed me to the wolfs and say he's made his choice. But they will never stop me from chasing the truth. You too should remember that some things are worth fighting for, no matter the cost or how little you may think your efforts will make the difference.
  One vote, one voice! Enjoy this video...





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