Saturday, September 26, 2015

To all my Brothers and Sisters

   I wish to make a request to all my brothers and sisters out there.
Something to sleep on. Times are bout to change drastically for our
people. There is a battle a brewin'  for these lands which inherently,
as well as divinely belongs to us. We are the ones charged with it's
care and we have been beaten down in order to forget that for far too
long. My request is that we return to the ways of our ancestors. to love
and respect ourselves as well as each other and our Mother.

  The Father... our Creator, is bringing this world to a boil, to see what will rise to
the top. Will you be among that will rise... or be left to burn at the
bottom, along with all of that which is not worthy to carry on into the
next place. Raise our children to respect, and protect these lands, love
and care for our communal neighbors. Put down the ways of the
individualist.  The booze,drugs and parties are just the distraction
which has been given to us by those who don't belong on our Mother. It
is all a lie and we were forced to believe it. It's time to take back who we were, and who we are...THE HUMAN BEING.


  Have you read my petition page "Reinstate Maria" on Facebook? Mario, the
manager of the Mustard Seed along with the volunteer coordinator Paul Thorne, banned
me for two weeks for writing in my blog about it. Now... two months later they
are stalling, making appointments so that I may get back in and then breaking them with lies. Saying there
was no appointment and that I was supposed to go to their other building next
week, with no definite time of when the both of them will be there at the same
time to make this meeting. The petty games they play.

   Read "What's up at the Seed?!" to get informed a little more.
then check me out again on Sept. 28th. to read "Do Not Worry". A
story that will blow the roof off of "lip service" Christians.


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