Monday, September 28, 2015


  UPDATE: Because of elements in that story, "Do Not Worry" I was delaying it until the trial to which I was "ACCUSED" of threatening to kill a housemate. Well, that was today and guess what......


   Very nice. This fellow who accused me of threatening to kill him showed up late, and so the crown prosecutor wanted to confer with him during a recess. During this recess my accuser disappeared. The prosecutor delayed the proceedings as long as he could in order to allow this "gentleman" to return but he never did. 
                                                    Be sure and return in order to hear the whole story.

   Yet now I will be delaying this story once again until after a meeting with the Mustard Seed manager and volunteer coordinator paul thorne. These are the two who banned me from entering the building for writing about the Reinstate Maria petition. the same two who are stalling my re-entry by playing, "Push Back that Appointment". Ha... sssssuckaaas.

                       My apologies but this is how it must play out.

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