Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Your Dove

  Here is a little poem I've been working on for you. I showed this to a friend here in the drop-in who is a very lovely woman that attended Cambridge University. She is a great woman with vision problems and just few minor issues, as many of us have. when I mentioned that I thought there was a line that needed revising, she immediately made me promise to keep it as it is... twice. So here it is, I hope you enjoy and may you have a very happy Jesus day! May God bless you and yours this season.
P.S: Sorry, bit of a rush to get it out, had to change it after looking at it here on the site a couple days later. She may have been from C.U. but that was probably some time ago and like I said, we all have issues that get the best of us from time to time. Besides what does those Cambridgians know about poetry anyway. (disclaimer * if you just happen to be from Cambridge U. my apologize... what do I know about humor?)
Be sure to check out the links at the bottom and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I did...      God bless you all. 

Your Dove

Just what am I to say
To relay you a love
That has not the display
Due humility the Father

Hold not my head high
For in the heart
There’s been another
The enemies’ sharp dart
A snare for my brother

I love you… I,
I love you my Lord
Yet deed such the less
Oh the song that I sing
A stain upon my dress

My heart cries out more
To ear discipline on sin
Yet be all that you ask
Falling short of such win

I live melancholy my Lord
Falling to only one knee
Stretching thin your great love
Thru the children I see

With not to show in linger
Barring ink scarred papers
Wrath, rest not your finger
Faith no longer tapers

Thank you my God
My only one true love
Forgiving regardless
And for sending your Dove


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