Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's My Birthday!

Very cool day today folks. And thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. Thank you Theresa for lunch and thank you Sandy for supper. Thank you Center of Race and Culture for a wonderful evening of skits on the racially oppressive history of Canada as well as the conversations. And especially thank you to the wonderful folks of CBC, Marie and Gaetan.(Apologies if I got your name wrong buddy, lol. But I think I got it right)
  Anyway, the interview was a great, and a very comfortable experience. We did some action shots, and I think overall it went very well. Gaetan, the cameraman, even went as far as saying I should get an Oscar for the piece, lol!
  However folks, the main segment is for CBC french. But they said CBC English may add a small part of the interview to something for their Dept. In any case, they will send me a link or something that I could add to my blog or share however I like. Nice! They also want to do more with me and I have invited them to a blanket exercise in the near future. Perhaps the Mass Blanket Exercise RISE is facilitating on June 3rd at the legislature but that's not solid. They have to check with their bosses and schedule and I have to check my contacts as there are a couple options we're looking at with two different organizations.
  In any case they plan to air the piece sometime in the next two weeks. Perhaps during or just after Reconciliation week. It was a good day. Thank again to everyone for making it so and for all your prayers and well wishes. And thank you Sara for helping me out get through the next week. God bless you all, and all my love.

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