Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Building and Nurturing Communities for Positive Change - Christian Busch...

   Just what kind of community... or should I say "business" environment is "mario the manager" trying to build here in Edmonton with the Mustard Seed. I, as well as others, believe he should return to his sterilized scaled down version of the United States... Calgary. I know a couple people who was in, or are from that city. They say that that is exactly the feeling they get from a place who hides it's poor and homeless. How can love, understanding and grace flourish in a place it cannot be practiced. Mario wants to turn our beloved city into another grey, bland and character tired Calgary. Or perhaps he's just following the norm... just like the way Stephen Harper follows the U.S.

   The Bissell Center did the smart thing and created a comity of community members of which I was apart of, We got together to discuss and give opinion of what a better drop-in would consist of and how it may be run better. It does not mean that they would accept our ideas but at least they asked and took our opinions in consideration. Perhaps some of our ideas will be implemented. We had a DIALOG people. We discussed, ask questions and raised even more. this is how strong communities are built. But Mr. mario walking in as if to save the day only to rain on it, is not the way... unless you're seeking to destroy it.... MARIO.

    I think Maria knew this as well, which is why mario fired her... She was way smarter than him.
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