Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Un..." Well, actually it is "freakin' belieavable!"

    Let me turn you on to a very wise, entertaining and enlightening young gentleman who makes a wide range of videos. His name is Yousef, but goes by "fouseytube"on Youtube. One of his main focuses is shining a light on the homelessness issue and how society at large responds to people who find themselves in such a position. He purposefully and tactfully as well as not so tactfully draws out attitudes & stigmas which are associated in relation to this issue. I would suggest you search out other videos of his on this subject I wish to share this link to one particular video with you that produced a measure of shock within me. And I thought I've seen it all. God bless you all.

 additional (uncut) version

P.S. I don't  know if I've mentioned this or not but I finally got to see my grandson after a long wait. I had a great time with him. Here are a couple pics of our time together in his playhouse.(And "yes", that is genuine surprise when I saw my daughter with her camera on us as I was making faces at my host.)

 (from an earlier Post)                                                              
So Sorry
 Once again I must apologize, I made a mistake. I though I could release that story I've been talking about on the 22nd but am not able to until my trail date. I have been charged with uttering death threats against a housemate which is untrue, all stemming from elements which are concerning this story, so I think it would be wise since there are elements in the story that concern the trail so I had better leave it till then. Once again my apologies because I am only scheduled to enter a plea on May 20th. then a trail date has to be set. When that date is set I'll let you know.
   Ya I know, that's a long wait. Oh well, I have something for you before then anywho and besides, It's not like many people are reading my blog anyway because I 'm not posting as much and as often as I should... so right now I feel like I'm talking to myself so I'd better stop before You people think I'm crazy. Later.


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