Thursday, April 9, 2015

Heads Up

 My next big story... and it will be big, will be out on April 22nd. Tell your friends and see you then. Love you. Here are a few tid bits that are no less important.

(the following comment was written by Brianna B. on Facebook in regards to this link to an article entitled "Red River Women" written by Joanna Jolly)

"This is such a well written article regarding missing and murdered indigenous women. Educate yourselves! Please read it."
With Aboriginal peoples making up less than 5% of Canada's population of 35 million, this figure is astonishingly high - Aboriginal women are four times more likely to be murdered or go missing than other Canadian women.“What most people fail to recognise is that the establishment of Canada was actually formed on colonial imperialism, fuelled by racism,” Fontaine says.
Newcomers, explorers and settlers did not understand, she says, that many indigenous societies were matriarchal.
“Whereas indigenous people understood indigenous women and girls as life-givers, as sacred, as equal, we start to see that shifting to, ‘No they're whores, they're promiscuous, they're squaws.’”
The Iroquois word “squaw”, in particular, bothers Fontaine.
“It's the word for female genitalia.”
“We have a swear word that starts with a C and ends with a T that is essentially what generations of indigenous women and girls were called.”

David Suzuki on, well... saving us from ourselves of course.

(from another Facebook post)

 Searching for a new Earth:
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