Saturday, October 7, 2017

Racism is NOT a Racist's Problem

  I've lived pretty much all my life in Edmonton. Dealt with racism fairly much all my life. Simply saying to us it's that racist person's ignorance and bad is simply not enough.

   The continual head shakes, sneers, comments and underlying societal practices of racism in our lives does have a lasting and deep seeded effect on us no matter how much we try to "ignore it" or "hold our heads high" and "rise above it all" .  It's just not that simple.

   Racism causes trauma, trauma causes symptoms which inhibit our ability to interact with our communities in a healthy and loving manner. Which then creates an ongoing environment for more racial discrimination.

    Where did it start? With colonial ideals and practices to over power another race and culture for their resources and lands. Where does it end? With ending colonial ideals and practices which are still in place today! And that means active participation which starts with you...

   As well as within the rest of us because I too was once assimilated into the western culture which is point of fact, a colonialist culture. It has been only in the last few years I have been struggling to reclaiming my humanity. Before that I was like anyone else... just what a monetary economic system wanted me to be.


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