Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Parting Clouds

  Well hello everyone, This is simply a follow-up to my "Post Christmas Post" of sorts.
I've had relatively a hard few months deals with my offspring issues and such. I also haven't truly felt our Lord's presence for quite some time either for whatever reasons, this isn't entirely clear to me. But that matters little to me now, be it lack of effort to seek Him or His wanting to see how I fair through this trial... fighting whispers from the adversary. All the while, without His clear and obvious guidance and peace in the forefront. All I know is that yesterday I felt Him touch my heart... something I've been yearning for, something I've been missing for so very long.
  I've told myself that I would carry on praising Him regardless if I knew He was there or not... regardless if I would still be accepted into His kingdom or not (refer to My Life is not My Own). And I did, but it's hard isn't it. It's hard to keep going to church continuously... but that's kinda normal for me anyway. But I missed more than usual.
  It's harder to treat everyone with respect when you don't feel respected. But we can still do it by choice. Even though I can be harsh and unmoving to many who tend to get in my way... I did manage not to hurt anyone during this time. Well... not in any physical or emotionally obvious way anywho, if you discount the letter I wrote to my landlord's Pastor. Which you may read about in a story I've had on the shelf for a while but started working on again.
  Then I've received some news which I won't go into, but it really has brightened my year. OK, let's just stick with my month, lol.
   My point is through, this whole dark period these past months... I never lost faith or love for the great and Mighty Creator who has so graciously found in His heart to forgive.
                                                                                                           Thank You Father.


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