Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey Chum

 And I hope you like this poem as well...

Hey Chum

Brian my friend
May I name you here thus
For have not we hung hats
Neath such similar truss

   Amigo awake               
Ascend heart and mind           
                                                 Seek the God-man hence past
                         Present Spirit near hind

          Goad ones we love
          To follow our plight
          Pleasant voice, ear to Him
          The One, purity white

          So holy that place
          That palace He bought
           A price we did forfeit
          Salvation He doth wrought

          Allow me, oh pal
                   My brother in Christ
               Relay you a gift
                            A prayer I then do lift

    To God I plead earnest    
A prosperity for you
  His wisdom we do learnist
Our minds to renew

When rocking chair come
Hope is, I look near
To call out "Hey chum,
can you pass me a beer?”


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