Sunday, June 13, 2021

the Dreamer God Is (final cut)

ok, I fixed the problems I missed in the first upload and also improved this video in a couple places... just slightly, lol.
Here it is, finally... It's not the product I had planned on, but me think it works... I had to Frankenstein some cover bands together with the vocals of Ozzy Osbourne to re-create his hit song "Dreamer". Please enjoy and share on Facebook if you can, I haven't created a new account since they deleted my last. Pretty upset over that one. Just cuz they CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH, lol.
I also just bought a home recording studio package so perhaps I could start making better music video mixes, educational videos, podcasts or perhaps start singing some of the songs myself. I was in a couple choirs for a short while so who know's... I remember how to practice the "ma Me MAY Me mo's", lol.

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Sunday, May 16, 2021


I will not advocate for the homeless any longer. I've already stopped one petition project a couple years ago, for the street folks because of Steven & the Gangbangers, now I've just quit another, MAJOR project because of steven's cowardice, practice's and lies.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Wash It All Away (with Five Finger Death Punch & John Trudell)

A little video about political and economic corruption put to some hard beats and some Wisdom from John Trudell, because...
#AllLifeMatters​ #Decolonize​ #IndigenousSovereignty

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Edmonton's War on Indigenous Homeless in Full Gear

Canada is currently stepping up their War on the Indigenous People living in Poverty. They are creating and enforcing arbitrary policies which may not look like racism on the surface, but definitely are if you look at the historical patterns and stats. In particular, the Edmonton police services smile and play innocent as they steal belongings and shelter from the Indigenous homeless and force them out into dangerously cold weather, IN THE NAME OF SAFETY! MAYOR DON IVESON IS BACKING UP THIS AGENDA. And after more than two decades of reconciliation talks, property managers still refuse to rent to Indigenous People living in Poverty, the Poverty colonialism has intentionally forced upon the Indigenous Populations. He may put on a good show just like any politician, but waiting for the federal govt. to pay outrageous amounts of money for only 74 units of affordable housing is utterly laughable when there are currently thousands of listings available for rent in Edmonton! WAKE-UP!