Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Street Stories, with Johnny Lee

This video contains a preliminary interview I did for a documentary I am writing on the impacts of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, along with portions of other work I did for differing organizations. ✊🏽😎

Sunday, August 30, 2020

If Advocating for the Truth Makes me a Racist, Then I'm Proud to be so!

I just wanted to show you folks a little interatction on FB when I shared a quote from the Petition I created to counter the false colonial narrative taking place in Canada and to some degree, in the U.S as well.

Lance Abernathy: I get it your racist. I will continue my fight for indigenous right and the right for all people of color but you my friend have made it very clear you only care about one people.

 {OPERATION DECOLONIZATION/MATTHEW 9:17}; The important thing is, we got them dumb indians advocating for colonization again. It's too bad we had to use poverty stricken black colonists to do it | made w/ Imgflip meme makerME: Lance Abernathy yes you're right, I do only care about the Indigenous People, my People (especially the Indigenous homeless) when it comes to the propaganda and lies the media and everyone else is putting out there about putting the black, or any other colonist, before Indigenous rights and statistics that blacks should have the most focus when it comes to social justice issues. Yes I care about the lies that the targeting of the black communities is just about race when it's not. It's largely about targeting the most vulnerable. It's about police filling their quotas.
(Although the U.S and Canada are systemically White-supremacist institutions and this ought to be addressed, the BLM narrative is largely a false one. Stop talking about race cuz that does not help the Indigenous People, neither is it stopping the issues of racism. Let's talk about Decolonization instead cuz this is Indian Country, not Colonists' country... although it may appear that way for now, lol.)

And the media narrative is about overshadowing Indigenous rights by flooding the airwaves with colonial rights. THAT'S WHAT IT'S REALY ABOUT. So wake up and understand the urban Indigenous, especially the homeless which make up 50% going up as high as 90% in a few cities in canada, being racially targeted by black store owners, security guards, and landlords on a daily basis! I will NOT advocate for BLM when they, or even our own rez indians(and popcorn elders), won't even acknowlege or talk about these facts.

 You have no idea of my work and the 7 years sitting in racism/anti-racism committees and initiatives listeningto all colonial POC asking for the same rights and privileges as the white-man which is essentially inherently oppressive to the Indigenous People and the environment. NO, nobody should have the same rights and privileges as the greedy white-oppressor, no matter what country you live in.


If Advocating for Indigenous Rights over colonial rights makes me a racist, then I am glad to be a Racist!

North America, please sign my petition here:

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Protect the Indigenous Narrative

Please sign this petition in order to help reclaim Indigenous Sovereignty in our own territories:

Ban the BIPOC acronym and place the term "Indigenous" before "black" in all social injustice issues on Turtle Island. Decolonization means decolonizing the narrative as well.

Fighting racial injustice is a vital issue these days and definitely ought to be fought. However, growing evidence leads to the fact that the Black Lives Matter narrative is creating a bigger racial divide, with greater instances of racial violence.

Never mind the fact urban Indigenous people are racially targeted by ALL colonists, including colonial POC in stores, malls, university campus', transit centers and housing units. This aside from the fact we're forced to pay them rent... on our own lands!

Why is "black" put before "Indigenous" in every sentence on this continent when it comes to injustice? BIPOC is a redundant acronym of colonial propaganda to keep people's focus on black colonial rights over Indigenous and other marginalized POC issues.

Indigenous people are killed at higher rates than black people in the U.S according to the CDC but go unreported. We don't even exist in American stats! BLM even shamed an Indigenous woman trying to speak up for our people at a BLM rally.

BLM is spreading lies about homelessness & police on black violence stats in Canada. This is NOT a race war, it is a "War on Poverty", and the most vulnerable as police/POC are coming forward and testifying to. It is also a war on crime... of which the poverty stricken most represents POC in the eyes of the colonial society. HENCE, IF YOU CAN'T TOE THE COLONIZING LINE, YOU'RE THE ENEMY.

When I asked BLM to acknowledge Indigenous people experience systemic racism from all colonists no matter their color, they refuse, utilizing the same language white-supremacists use against them to deny racism… against me.

One member even went so far as to laugh at a blog post I wrote about the realities of systemic racism Indigenous people face from black people. Although on the positive side, there is a growing number of black American's who oppose BLM because of the lies and violence they bring to the arena of social justice issues.

 I personally would like us to stop asking people to seeing and respecting our skin color, and start respecting and protecting all life as well as our eco-system.  I also find it very funny how in multiple conversations with BLM members as I bring up stats on Indigenous oppression, they reply OVER-WHELMINGLY "It shouldn't be a oppression competition"... HYPOCRITICAL FUCKERS!!! LOL

Because...  #AllLifeMatters

Please sign here:

Thursday, August 27, 2020

UPDATED: The BLM take-over of Indigenous Spaces (important video to watch inside)

UPDATED blog content for Frank Opinions of a Jesus Freak: The BLM take-over of Indigenous Spaces

 Since the blog post about the Indigenous Lives Matter event, Jesse Lipscombe and BLM contacted me so we might work out our contentions. Jesse was quite humble and listened to what I had to say, even though I could feel his apprehension to believe there can be black on Indigenous violence, LOL! he even went so far as to ask my opinion on some of his work with Indigenous communities which I found quite refreshing and good, aside from one particular lie in his film that people are "not colonizers, full stop" As these systems are already in place since before they were born... LMFAO! IDIOTS! LOL.

And when I pointed this out jesse, he claimed it's too late to change just because that was the final edit yet it has even been released yet!  lol. He thinks I'm stupid. But he said in the spirit of good relations he'd like to perhaps collaborate on projects in the future to which I agreed. But then he throws in a threat by telling me not to slander him by my bringing up the fact he not only disrepected me, but my people by totally disregarding my request not to use the racist mantra of "Black Lives Matter" at an Indigenous event. Once again proving the selfish ambitions of the colonist. And so it became cystal clear the ONLY REASON he was talking to me, was cuz he's concerned for his anti-racism savior complex in his work.

Then talking to BLM... Well they totally refused to believe there is such a thing as black on Indigenous racism/violence while they kept using the same phrases the wh te-colonist uses to deny racism exists against them... against me. One BLM member was willing to listen though and  she did  good job of moderating the discussion between Jesse and I, to which I praise her for. Especially in light I had a whole group of people including a metis standing against me while I was left alone to defend the truth. That's the white-colonist's tactic, lol. Then BLM advocate, Mubarik Bayere, joined the discussion and this piece of shit was competely disrespectful as he even went so far as to laugh at some very serious issues I and my people have faced and yet... still do.

Why the F is "black" constantly put ahead of "Indigenous" in front of every sentence & acronym on this continent? Why the F is BLM even in Canada?! BLM has been spreading lies about homeless stats in this country and stats of police on black violence.                                               

  Think about it! BIPOC is a acronym and tool of colonial propaganda to keep people's focus on black colonial rights over Indigenous Sovereignty! Indigenous nations and black colonists ARE people of color!!!! STOP talking about race and color and start talking about criminalizing white-supremacy and decolonization!! OTHERWISE WE WILL ALWAYS BE TALKING ABOUT RACE, SKIN COLOR AND HENCE CONTINUALLY IN A STATE OF ASKING EACH OTHER TO SEE OUR SKIN COLORS AND NOT THE TRUTH.

Indigenous people are killed at higher rates than black people in the U.S but nobody talks about that. We don't even even exist in American stats! But ya don't hear BLM talk about that do ya?                                                                     

 BLM even shamed an Indigenous woman trying to speak up for her own people at a BLM rally! I will only support colonial black issues if you put Indigenous ahead of Black in all our discussions, hashtags and events and BLM shows some damn respect as they haven't in the past. Nor have they ever been in solidarity at any Indigenous action as a collective group, but now they expect us to exclaim BLM at our own events, LMFAO!

This is a war of the mind as well as the media. and Indigenous people all over this country is falling for it! Especially rez indians who don't know shit about the urban Indigenous experience, the Indigenous homeless poulations who suffer the most from colonial black on Indigenous racial targeting by security guards, cops and store owners and slum-lords. FUCK YOU ALL!

 Then we have all these popcorn elders who make money from these colonists who speak nothing but fluffy words and bullshit commeradery when it's all a smokescreen to allow the real violence and the assimilation machine to continue. Providing the colony with excuses to pour more money into programs thay only serve to assimilate our people faster into the canadian system and allow this BLM movement to run roughshod over our People and our Sovereignty.

Previous Post:
So there we have it. Black lives matter changed the name of an event to accomadate BLM who were selling BLM T-shirts at what was supposed to be an Indigenous lives matter event. ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for Indigenous lives as they refuse to give on their self-serving mantra, but we have to give up ours on our own land!

  Just as with jesse lipscombe who has no respect for the Indigenous perspective or Indigenous spaces. I told him if he used that racist, self-serving bumper sticker mantra BLM. it would be a war so he did... ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT AS THESE SELFISH TERMS DO NOT HAVE TO BE UTILIZED, why can't we talk truth? which is white-supremacy and colonization.

  Black people have been talking about race for a hundred years and still are. Who's next? chinese lives matter, muslim lives matter, etc. When do Indigenous people get to talk about gettin our land back from ALL THE COLONISTS OF ANY COLOR!

  Jesse lipscome also blocked me from speaking the truth on an edmonton racism page, (can't remember the name) that Indigenous people are targeted daily by all non-Indigenous POC, especially black security guards following us around as soon as we walk in a store. BLM wants a war? I am only getting started, lol.

  Not only that! in a CTV news article on the homeless Pekiwewin camp the organizers which the article emphasized was BLM, said that in this city "black and Indigenous people far out number white people in homelessness". WHICH IS AN OUTRIGHT AND UTTER LIE!!!

  The homeless black population DOES NOT out number the white homeless population in this city, and definately not Indigenous People! This is a colonizing narative trying to erase the Indigenous narrative.

  I have nothing against our black relatives, even in light of them targeting us in stores and in every public space cuz they're just doing what the white society conditions them to. But I have everything against this false narrative of BLM IN CANADA.

  Why would white-colonist George Soros, who got extremely wealthy off the genocidal policies of all POC, fund the BLM movement? To shift the publics focus from Indigenous rights, to the rights of colonizing POC so white- elitists can continue raping the land and our people!

Please check out and sign my petition to help change the narrative: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/280/810/207/protect-the-indigenous-narrative/